Illueca seeks regional alliances to pressure the Government and get it to hand over the Sareb homes

Héctor Illueca, second vice president and councilor for Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, has completed the first round of contact with three autonomous communities in Asturias. autonomous agreement that allows the transfer of houses Management Company for Assets from Economic Restructuring (Sareb) public housing stock

Oviedo was the scene of Illueca’s meeting with Melania Álvarez, Minister of Social Rights and Welfare of the Principality of Asturias. Both agreed on the need to sign a regional agreement. demand from the central government for Sareb houses to be taken over by autonomous communities expanding public parks and helping to alleviate the housing needs of different regions. In the case of the Valencian Community, Sareb’s holdings total 8532, According to the Generalitat.

After the meeting, Illueca expressed his satisfaction at a meeting where “common issues such as the management of European funds, common concerns regarding future state housing law and the situation of Sareb were sincerely shared”.

On this last issue, both governments’ “incorporation of Sareb’s houses into the public stake and meeting social needs and serves as a guarantee of the right to housing”.

Marc Aparisi, Vice President of Generalitat, General Manager of Corporate Coordination, and Fermín Bravo, General Manager of Asturian Residences, also attended the meeting.

With this meeting, the vice president concludes the first round of contacts with the relevant persons responsible for Turkey’s Housing policies. Navarre, Basque Country and Asturias. “In several meetings I found the Valencian community to be very open, understanding and supportive of the proposal regarding Sareb,” said Héctor Illueca, adding that “we are getting closer to reaching a regional agreement.”

The Second Vice Presidency is working on upcoming meetings with other autonomous communities to gain the greatest possible support for the transfer of the Sareb homes.

Then the Valencia vice-president moved to the Asturian town of Muros de Nalón, where he was involved in the construction of 20 housing estates for rent under the Passivhaus standard and with a wooden structure.

This is an important milestone in the construction of almost zero-energy buildings with Passivhaus certification in Spain. In addition to meeting this very demanding standard in energy efficiency, a structural CLT (cross laminated timber) structure was chosen with a high degree of industrialization. This reduces on-site implementation time and provides up to millimeter construction excellence equivalent to prefabrication in the workshop.

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