Compromise factories fight in Crevillent and PP fights to retain Ibi Mayoralty

Great turmoil after municipal elections in Crevillent and Ibi. The Popular Party understands that the final issue of the District Electoral Board will allow it to govern in the municipality of Baix Vinalopó, so there will be a change of Government. Compromís confirms we have to wait until Monday knowing the review minutes and verifying possible events in the process. In this sense, Valencians suggest they will consider filing an election-contested appeal. In Ibi, meanwhile, the situation is reversed and it is the popular ones who are appealing to retain the Mayoralty.

The Crevillent PP rated the results that directly gave the right-wing majority a majority (eight PPs and three Vox compared to eight from Compromis and two from PSOE) as good, and regretted the confusion created for residents during “the reason for the parties losing the mayoralty these days.” Referring to their candidate, Lourdes Aznar, the popular ones said, “The results of the polls from Compromis have been discussed, and this number now confirms that for the first time in its history, Crevillent could have a mayor.”

In this context, they argue that the formation of the PP benefited the most, by adding three more votes than in the 28 May elections, ultimately gaining 5,278 votes, 800 more votes, due to the confirmation of invalid votes. elections held in 2019 last year. “We want to convey calm to the people of Crevillent. We will work for our town in a measured and responsible manner, with all our neighbors in mind,” they added.

on his behalf Compromís offered under the brand name Acord per GuanyarHe did not bite his tongue after the statements made by PP. In this context, they stated that the minutes of the general examination will be made available to the candidates next Monday and said, “It will not only include the results, but also the possible events detected in the process.” they warned. Therefore, they argued that they would open the door to an election dispute, arguing that the review report received would be awaited and the recorded events would be evaluated.

Crevillent’s so far mayor, José Manuel Penalva, announced earlier this week that he would not be going ahead, and possible mayor Virginia Bueno, should his number two and left prevail, underlined the “minutes”. Won’t it be clear by Monday, its legitimacy is in our hands. It’s not a question of PP or Compromise, it’s a question of giving access to the far right. at town hall”. A few words in which he made it clear that the coalition would go all the way.

It is not surprising that the Valencians’ explanation is in this direction. According to him, PP “did not win the election because they tried to convince the public despite the total votes with Vox.” Therefore, they believe that “they do not have the legitimacy of the ballot box, they only have the legitimacy of an unjust all-out law”. If the results are confirmed and Aznar is definitively declared mayor, Compromís emphasizes that it will “make it with Vox’s far-right and will be the first municipal government to receive fewer votes at the ballot box than the opposition”.

Meanwhile, in Ibi PP has already announced that it will challenge the count to retain the mayorship. After two decades of popular rulers, Ibi has become one of the six most populous municipalities in the state, where a left-wing pact is expected after 28M if the appeal is not successful.

In this particular case, the popular were the power with the most votes, but they lost two councilors, going from nineteen to nine compared to 2019. Vox got one, PSPV and Compromís got seven and four, respectively. The equality between the right and left blocks will be resolved after the PP fight.

The situation in Ibi is also quite complicated, as the agreement between PSPV and Compromís, which currently has eleven councilors, would allow the left to take back the mayorship twenty years later. For their part, PP and Vox total about ten councilors and popular sources announce that the aim is to challenge the count to add one more action in their favour, supporting certain war with the left bloc to the right. in the municipality of l’Alcoià. Resources can paralyze the structure of the Provincial Assembly and relevant municipalities.

Source: Informacion


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