Bravo steps up the pressure on Oltra: from “contribute or remove” to mark the exit door

Relations between Monica Oltra, Consell Vice President and head of Equality and Inclusive Policies, and Gabriela Bravo, Minister of Justice, Home Affairs and Public Administration, were not exactly good. This frictions between one and the other have been constant. Not just in this assembly. Also in the previous one. The reasons were diverse. From opening a police station specializing in gender violence, to recognizing women who engage in prostitution as victims on the basis of an abolitionist stance, to addressing the contradictions or language need to manage the pandemic in the most difficult moments of the health crisis, it’s now for senior civil servants. However, in the midst of a crisis in the Consell government, Bravo decided to step up the pressure on Oltra. Due to inconsistencies between Botànic’s two main partners for the Valencian Recovery Strategy, supported by the head of the Generalitat, he went from the “contribute or separate” the Minister of Justice’s dedication to him in November 2020, Ximo Puig, to mark the exit door directly. By an intervention that was by no means haphazard, neither in Compromís nor in certain circles of his party. Neither for times, nor for mediums, nor for forms.

Gabriela Bravo opened the thunder box on Tuesday, just hours before the Education Minister. Vincent Marza, on Wednesday morning formalized its decision to leave the Valencia Executive to devote more time to the organic plan, in view of the 2023 election, the start of the leadership race at Compromís. For this, COPE chose Valencia studios, which, in the opinion of many, was not an accidental choice. In this context, Bravo implied, in the midst of a government crisis announced by the head of Consel, and in line with the vice president’s possible impeachment in the case of abuse of a minor under the tutelage of the Generalitat. “Three” court decisions that “do not leave the administration in good standing”. With this in mind, she did not hesitate to decide on Monica Oltra’s possible departure from Valencian Executive: “Everyone owns their decisions, has their own values ​​and has to make their own decisions, but I am currently faced with a situation. I would consider compromising the credibility of the institution I represent.” “Everyone should know where ethics come from, which is so important in politics. Sometimes it’s important to separate criminal responsibility from politics and what can affect the institution,” added Bravo. The stronger, the impossible. The what, how and when, left little room for thinking that everything was random, even in their own ranks.

Comments from Twitter

From there, the storm broke as expected. Both in social networks and in statements on different forums. The environment closest to the inactive leader of the ranks of Compromís emerged in a storm. Your Chief of Staff, Michael Royal, on Twitter, «He pointed out that it was two sentences, not three. In none of them, in proven facts, the Administration is mentioned. Neither for the better nor for the worse. Bravo, who is a lawyer, knows he’s lying. Reconciliation Senator carles mule It was more difficult to enter questions, if possible through the same social network, even confined to the personal: «When no one can stand by you in the ministry, when you attack the pillars of Botany, just as you did in your crusade against the Westerners. “You compromise the institution when you know you are on duty for Valencia and just what you are.” As if that wasn’t enough, he added, “We’ll applaud and breathe if he goes home.”

Then it was the turn of Més’ general secretary, Agueda Mico, during the appearance with Marzà. In this context, he flagged Bravo’s words as “inappropriate”, “inappropriate” or “selective” and argued that Oltra’s work went against that of the other members of Consel, adding that “it’s like the only thing we can remember”. It is because they have hindered the linguistic equality of Valencians». “If I had to give an example of corporate loyalty, I wouldn’t give Ms. Gabriela Bravo as an example,” said Valencia mayor Joan Ribó.

By the way, on the socialist side, it was exactly flour that first went into flour. head of council. He did this by emphasizing that Bravo’s words were “a personal opinion” and thus “this is not a message to anyone”. Something that PSPV-PSOE also signed from the mouth of the deputy general secretary and spokesperson, Anna DominguezWhen he argued that the Minister of Justice’s remarks were “limited to personal space”.

Here are some statements that let Oltra go tangentially after the administration of Compromís, in which Raquel Tamarit was confirmed as the new Minister of Education, Culture and Sport. “As co-spokesperson for Compromís, I have nothing to add to what my colleagues have said,” she stressed. As vice president, she disguised herself not to comment directly on “personal opinions.” Some personal opinions, however, only fueled the fire and increased the pressure on Oltra, no matter how hard Compromís’ vice president and leader tried to say “I don’t feel pressured”.

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