Russian Ambassador to Serbia reported the situation in Kosovo 17:59

Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko said that the situation in Kosovo is approaching a critical point. It has been reported TASS.

“Such outbreaks are repeating, there have been several in the last year, and the intensity of the conflict and the danger, the explosiveness, of course, are increasing each time,” the ambassador said. .

According to him, the escalation of the conflict in Kosovo indicates that “the situation in the north of Kosovo has deteriorated to a critical point”.

Formerly Botsan-Kharchenko declarationThere is an attempted “Maidan” coup in Belgrade. Botan-Kharchenko noted that Moscow is helping Belgrade and acting in full coordination with Serbian authorities.

The Ambassador believes that the authorities of Western countries are “furious” in connection with the independent policy of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, primarily because of friendly relations with Moscow. He also stressed that the conflict in northern Kosovo is “part of a hybrid war”.

Prior to this, Botan-Kharchenko during a meeting with Alexander Vucic expressed concern Because of the situation in Kosovo.

Source: Gazeta


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