A long-distance race of 120,000 kilometers to reach the Presidency of the Generalitat

The cards are already spilled. The regional candidates of the main political formations take advantage of a day of reflection to rest as they speculate about the results they can garner in this Sunday’s elections. But first and foremost, to rest, because during the fifteen days of the campaign they all took part in a real long-distance race, driving nearly 120,000 kilometers through the Community of Valencia to find props for that race. Candidates are on a busy agenda until the last day to continue to mobilize their voters, knowing that they will have the tightest elections in recent times and the Presidency will go to a new election. The Generalitat will depend on just a handful of votes.

Political formations had assumed before the start of the campaign that the regional elections would be very competitive. Therefore, trying to establish direct contact with the electorate, they devised rigorous activity schedules for their leaders from the very beginning. But doubts turn to certainty as the results of different polls are made public, and this coincides with pointing out that things will be very close, with just one MP difference between left and right. .

So with these predictions, the matches are getting more and more effective day by day and leave an absolutely amazing balance. According to the calculations made by the heroes themselves from among the six candidates from PSPV, PP, Ciudadanos, Compromís, Vox and Unides Podem, around 120,000 kilometers will have been traveled during this campaign to reach the main municipalities and, very specifically, for those who have the main ballot boxes.

In the case of Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat and candidate for re-election from the socialist ranks, the campaign focused on a tour through all parts of Valencia. The head of the PSPV roster has gone through more than 30 places where he has had the opportunity to gather proposals and present proposals for the next legislature, in addition to giving accounts of his administration over the past eight years. To this we must add central actions and meetings with groups in provincial capitals.

On the PP side and taking into account that Carlos Mazón, as a new candidate, started with a certain disadvantage, the party organizes numerous events at the rate of four or five newspapers. , to disseminate both its image and speech. Mazón’s appearances were meant to convey the message and explain the election program, with the rally last week’s peak moment at the Valencia bullring.

As explained by Joan Baldoví, Compromís these days she has passed through about 250 municipalities across the Community; Deputies.

Mamen Peris from Ciudadanos also has a tight schedule combining party events with visits to companies and institutions and meetings with different groups. It’s in line with Carlos Flores of Vox and Héctor Illueca of Unides Podem, which has passed through around 40 municipalities.

The event continued on this Friday, the last day of the campaign. Ximo Puig attended a meeting with the Ximo President civic platform in Valencia in the morning before closing the campaign and attending an event with Mayoral candidate Sandra Gómez in the capital Túria that afternoon. Accompanied by Josefina Bueno and Ana Barceló in Alicante.

Carlos Mazón was at an informative breakfast in Castellón before attending different events in Burriana, Alboraia and Alzira. In the afternoon, he ended his campaign first in Valencia with Mayor María José Catalá, then with Luis Barcala in Alicante and Pablo Ruz in Elche.

Baldoví did campaign closing acts in Castellón and Valencia, just like Illueca. While Mamen Peris passed through Orihuela and Alicante, Carlos Flores stayed in Torrent and the capital of Túria.

Source: Informacion


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