Link at Acuamed suggested Febrer stays on a 17m project

Speaking before Civil Guard UCO agents during the investigation, Joan Navarro, director of Corporate Affairs at the state company Acuamed (Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas), said that between 2006 and 2008 she had almost no relationship with Jaime. María Febrer, the epicenter supporter of corruption schemes being investigated in the Azud macro cause. It was also noted that the relationship between the two, after making contact, was “technical” through the socialist door opener, and also in this brief, José Luis Vera was also investigated to close an agreement between Acuamed and the Xixona City Council that would allow water to be supplied. It was brought to the barren PAI El Espartal, where Febrer plans to build 5,400 luxury homes and a golf course in one of the biggest urban development successes in the Azud case.

The Civil Guards were therefore very shocked when Navarro, after contacting El Espartal, sent an e-mail to February on January 3, 2008, in which he said: “Dear Jaime, I am attaching the latest tenders of AcuaMed, the fact that the Public Works company introduced itself The work at l’Eliana, which I think will be interesting, at least for him to become known at home. We’ll talk next week, but your guys better work on it now. Hug”.

In the same email I attached a document with 10 Acuamed projects under tender and the l’Eliana nitrification plant highlighted in red with a base budget of 16.9 million euros (four times more than two years ago). when it was designed) and a maximum implementation time of 18 months (it went into operation at the end of 2019, 12 years after this email).

A day later, Febrer tried to reactivate an old project to set up a company to take over the public construction works. To do this, one of its leading partners, the head of Gesfesa (who was also arrested and investigated in Azud) spoke to Federico Ferrando and urged to complete the project, saying that “we must already form the company”.

Nine months ago, after the second meeting with Navarro, Febrer and Vera had already talked about acquiring such a firm. It was related to the APUC, where the person who allegedly corrupted Azud planned to contribute two million to become the majority shareholder, but like many of his other plans, this did not materialise.

Nor did it make the nitrification tender, which was eventually won by the Intersa-Abaldo joint venture. This work is one of the projects investigated in another macro cause, the Acuamed Case, which arose out of another UCO operation with 13 detainees, the investigation responsible for National Court judge Manuel García-Castellón. 2016.

Source: Informacion


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