Kirby: US not investigating ‘Sevpotok’ undermining because Europe is busy with it 21:44

White House spokesman John Kirby said the United States did not investigate the Nord Stream bombing the way Europe did. He announced this at a briefing. Reuters.

According to him, there are three independent investigations in three European countries, US President Joe Biden said he is confident that these investigations will be thorough.

Former US allies in NATO and outside the bloc accused Russia is biased in the Nord Stream investigation.

He added that the UK supports the investigative commissions set up by the UN Secretary-General, but that the creation of such a commission in this case is unacceptable.

France’s permanent representative said Paris supports the investigation of Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In addition, France “amazes at the effort” of Russia in this matter.

He urged the Japanese, Albanian and Swiss ambassadors to await the results of the investigation by Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Source: Gazeta


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