Consell injected another 10 million into the Co-operative Fund, which Alicante County Council rejected

Inside Council fully The Generalitat Cooperation Fund, which will be held this Friday, is an investment project that will have the allocation of resources for 2024 next year, whose donation will be increased by 10 million euros. Therefore, the program will be distributed among the municipalities of the Community of Valencia from the existing 40 million to a total of 50 million. As for the regional distribution, the province of Alicante will also benefit, as the amount allocated by the Generalitat will increase from 13 million to 17 million. The rest of the distribution is 25.6 million that Valencia receives and 7.4 million that goes to Castellón.

Regional President Ximo Puig said earlier this month, Cooperation Fund It will increase from 40 million to 50 million one day after the Alicante Provincial Assembly general assembly approves the foundations of Plan + Cerca, an alternative proposal to the Generalitat project this year. While the head of Consell considers the project a tool to “increase the solvency and capacity of municipalities,” he regrets the refusal of the popular Carlos Mazón-led provincial institution to participate in the plan. In fact, this issue has caused the biggest institutional conflict between the Generalitat and the Provincial Assembly in the near-ending period.

The law regulating the Cooperation Fund, Consell, in the first quarter of each year, basic finance sector plan The aim of this sector plan of the fund for the next fiscal year is to coordinate the participation of county councils in the fund to ensure the financial adequacy of local governments.

since 2017

Generalitat launched the relief fund for municipalities in 2017, as no government had done it before, although it was approved in 2000. Puig values ​​the alliance between institutions to overcome challenges and create opportunities. In this sense, it is worth noting that generalitathas launched three more municipal finance funds, to which it has distributed 330 million in the last three years, despite the insufficient funding it has incurred. These funds are Combating Population Reduction, Tourist Municipalities and Forest Management funds.

One day after Generalitat announced the fund increase Committee This gave the green light to the foundations of Plan + Cerca for 2023, the last chapter so far of a corporate debate that has dragged on for years. With Botànic coming to power, the fund was launched, and since then, conflicts with the Alicante State Council have been constant, especially with Carlos Mazón, the head of the institution, during this tenure.

According to the estimate from PSPV, the province has lost in recent years hundred million Due to the City Council government team’s refusal to participate in the project. This issue, in fact, caused a significant part of the socialist mayors of the province to demonstrate at the gates of the Provincial Palace at the end of last December.

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