Kazakhstan’s embassy in Russia votes for the country’s parliamentary elections 13:33

Voting in the Mazhilis (lower house) parliamentary elections will take place on Sunday, March 19, at the republic’s embassy in the Russian Federation. It has been reported TASS.

The regional election commission number 265, located in the diplomatic mission building, started its duty at 07:00.

By noon, most of Moscow’s registered voters had not yet voted.

Ruslan Shaimagambetov, secretary of the selection committee, stated that as of 12:00 in Moscow, 271 people had voted.

In total, 1,450 people are registered on the voter list.

It has been announced that security measures have been increased on the embassy grounds. Those who want to vote have to go through a metal detector.

It is also known that those who want to vote do not wait in line.

Previously in Kazakhstan suggested change country name to Republic of Kazakhstan

Source: Gazeta


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