Former Australian Prime Minister calls nuclear submarine deal with US and “brainless British” a deadly risk 14:51

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating has criticized the US nuclear submarine deal, saying it could have “deadly consequences”. Portal reports space war.

“In the end, history will judge this project, but I want my name to be written clearly among those who say it was a big mistake,” he said. Keating, who was Australia’s prime minister from 1991 to 1996, said Canberra was following the US and UK blindly and that China posed no real military threat.

“It is not a pleasant sight for one country to subjugate the interests of another country – the United States – and flee after brainless Brits,” he said.

Keating is confident that this deal could have “deadly consequences” for Australia if the country becomes involved in future conflicts.

according to the newspaper GuardPaul Keating, also the former prime minister, called the $368 billion plan to buy nuclear submarines “the worst deal ever” because 40 to 50 conventional submarines could be bought instead.

Keating has previously stated that China “is not the Soviet Union” because it has joined international organizations and is “out of the way to have normal relations” with Australia, except that it is “creating trouble” with Australia’s growing alliance with the United States.

He also mocked Australia’s relationship with Britain in the AUKUS alliance. London, he says, “stupid[Boris]After Johnson has ruined his place in Europe … he is “looking for suckers” to create a “global Britain”.

Andrey Kelin, former Russian Ambassador to the UK declarationThat Moscow is now worried about the emergence of the military-political alliance AUKUS.

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs declarationHe said that the US, UK and Australia, which are members of the AUKUS alliance, should get rid of the “absolute” Anglo-Saxon “desire for security” and give up the “cold war” mentality.

Australia plans to purchase up to five Virginia nuclear submarines from the US as part of the AUKUS project. Also the government To send About $245 billion for the implementation of the program for the construction of a fleet of nuclear submarines under the agreements of the AUKUS alliance.

Source: Gazeta


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