Biden to talk about plans to hire 100,000 cops in a speech to Congress 00:48

In his annual address to Congress, US President Joe Biden will talk about his plans to recruit 100,000 more police officers. writes about it TASS He’s talking about the White House. It was also reported that the American leader will call for the humanization of the law enforcement system.

Biden plans to announce the need for an “accountable” police force with adequate funding to effectively fight crime. There will also be talks on investing in crime prevention and tightening control over the circulation of firearms.

Biden will call for the adoption of a law named after George Floyd, an African American victim of police brutality. Accordingly, law enforcement needs to expand their accountability and transparency, as well as increase public trust in them.

Biden will also enforce the requirement to screen all firearm buyers and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

On January 25, it was reported that 40 cases of mass shooting have occurred in the United States since the beginning of 2023. The events occurred in 18 different states. These are the highest numbers since 2014.

Then, as a result of the armed conflict in California on January 29, dead at least three people.

On February 6, in the United States, a girl’s perished shooting at a rap concert. Four more people were injured at the Fredo Bang concert.

Source: Gazeta


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