Podem starts its Political Conference to develop a country project

At a meeting at Podem’s Alicante headquarters, the Valencian Citizens’ Council (CCV) launched the Political Conference that will define the country project where the programmatic axes will emerge for the next election cycle.

In addition to the housing components, the Citizens’ Council of Valencia was attended by Podem councilors such as Xavi López and Vanessa Algaba from Alicante, INJUVE administrator and Podemos state spokesperson María Teresa Pérez, second vice-president Héctor Illueca. Pilar Lima, coordinator of Generalitat and Podem.

The title of the document in which the Political Conference discussion began and presented by Héctor Illueca is “Horizon 2023-2027: A proposal for Valencian society”. The document begins with the consequences of international politics in the Valencian Community, notably the war in Ukraine and the economic crisis in Europe, reviews the Botanical Cycle of the Generalitat 2015-2023 and offers both economic and financial recommendations in the Valencia key. , social and environmental as well as in the regional model of both the Valencian Community and the State.

The Political Conference, which begins this Friday, envisions a debate, first in all Podem circles, then in purple interregional structures, and finally in a parliament, which is expected to be held on February 4. The conference will conclude with the concretization of the programmatic axes that will be translated into concrete proposals for the 2023 municipal and regional elections, in addition to the approval of the political document integrating a country project. announces the document to be approved by the parliament to the public.

Pilar Lima is delighted: “Today is the most important day for Podem in this new cycle. Purple coordinator, once the regional structures of Podem have been consolidated and the primary processes completed, today we begin the most important thing for this party: the country project we want for the Country of Valencia.” Along the same lines, Vice President Héctor Illueca said, “Today we are looking forward to the social suffering and the European In the context of the current crisis and uncertainty, I am sure it is a transcendent day for Podem, a founding political force, the only political force capable of channeling citizens’ anger and discontent into politics”.

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