Alternative nomination in EUPV primaries regrets lack of internal transparency

From the candidacy of the “Teixint Esquerra Transformadora al País Valencià” presided over by Mari Ángeles Llorente in the Valencia constituency and Miguel Ángel Pavón in the Alicante constituency, the “need to address the numerous events that occurred before and during the primaries” has culminated recently. Sunday 27th is face-to-face voting day. “The low turnout, which resulted in limited supporters’ participation in the process or access to censuses and support for EUPV candidate Generalitat, has been particularly worrying. Rosa Perez GarijoDespite the public visibility that being a regional government councilor gave it, it did not exceed 33% of the total census. A subject that does not worry the current coordinator Rosa Pérez Garijo, who stated that the militancy that is getting further and further away from the management of the formation breaks the magic and motivation, “he condemns the alternative candidacy in a statement.

internal process

“A horribly partial process has taken place so much that Rosa Pérez’s manager has rejected a letter from the United States. alternative candidacy After denunciation that the electoral board of these primaries consisted exclusively of three members of Rosa Pérez Garijo’s candidacy, calling for the paralysis of the primaries on the basis of violations of the principles of transparency, objectivity and respect for the electorate, it walks away therefore all democratic principles,” the letter continues.

“A separate mention deserves the complete obscurity and lack of transparency throughout the entire process, during which the norms are approved by closing the approval of the sympathizers, and at the same time these norms are presented to the parties body. EUPV address and submitted for approval. This fact meant that half of the census was abruptly eliminated, if we compare it to the previous primary process, in which the list supported by Rosa Pérez Garijo was defeated by a clear majority.”

For all these reasons, they call for collective thinking to address a new phase where constructive discussion, transparency and internal democracy are hallmarks.

Mari Ángeles Llorente, head of the alternative nomination list that has won multiple nominations 31% of supportsAs it will rank second on the EUPV list, we will continue to work in “reindustrialisation, sustainable energy transition, in line with constitutional rights, to defend workers, with a commitment to inclusive and quality public services, in the rational and sustainable planning of the environment, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, Ar- Investing in Ge+i, the Valencian electoral law, the layoff of politics and the development of municipalities.

Cheste City Council’s first deputy mayor, “to save militancy and merging EUPVdeepening internal democracy, promoting pluralism and giving collectives the corresponding decisive role”. Mari Ángeles Llorente assures that “from the very beginning we will fight so that our representatives in institutions are the image we project ourselves and represent us honestly and courageously in the service of citizens.”

top of list

Likewise, the head of the list “Teixint Esquerra Transformadora al País Valencià” makes clear his commitment to “which must start from programmatic agreements and unification in electoral processes”. election strategies and open and transparent representation, always endorsed by the grassroots of the organizations and parties that are part of the confluence. Moreover, moving away from self-interest and self-interest that dangerously distances insertion options to create a robust transformative alternative”.

Nomination “Teixint Esquerra Transformadora in the Country of Valencia” for the presidency of the Generalitat under its chairmanship Mari Angeles LlorenteXIV by the Communist Party of the Country of Valencia (PCPV). Valencia. Miguel Angel Pavon For the Alicante and Valencia constituencies, he gets the same percentage of votes as the list presidents, meaning they’re second in both candidacy.

Source: Informacion


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