Aitana Mas dismisses Mireia Molla as Minister of Agriculture and empowered as Vice President

Mireia Molla closed her stage through the back door on Tuesday as she heads the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition. Councilor from Elche renounced his responsibilitiesyes Direct expelled from Consell. At that time, due to an unexpected coup seven months before the next election, the impeachment proposal led by Generalitat’s vice-president Aitana Mas and handed over to president Ximo Puig. Will be successful in the current regional Public Health and Public Health System secretary position, isaura navarroLike Mollà and Mas, it is a member of the Poble Valencià Initiative, one of the three pillars that make up Compromís. Moreover, it all happens at a time when the Valencia party is going through a particularly complex phase. Due to the departure of Monica OltraWith his political future in the hands of the courts and his chances of being nominated in 2023 are almost nil. With Molla’s relief, Consell fulfills her mission. fourth renovation in five months, and Aitana Mas strengthened as Consell’s number two.

The fenestration of the mullah, «Requires stability and harmony in difficult socioeconomic context». This was the version that was officially transmitted through Generalitat’s channels, but it is not the only one. a version that soto soundApproved from the Government, especially from the industry closest to Compomís. After Oltra’s departure, Aitana Mas managed to join forces with the other two ministers in her formation: Rachel Tamarit (Education and Culture) and Rafa Air Conditioner (Economy). The mullah was not always on his own, but chained misunderstandings, rudeness, and mistakes. But the bullshit has been happening in recent weeks. to the controversy Do not go to the fires of Vall d’Ebó and BejísBlame has been added to the mismanagement of renewable energy sources by Més, a partner of the Initiative, and he has come to ask the Minister of Finance to complete the cycle: David Spainis prioritizing “productive” ministries over social ministries in next year’s budgets, namely those led by Aitana Mas – Inclusive Policies – and Raquel Tamarit. In addition, something that is categorically rejected from the circle of dismissal without the consent of the party and logically, again to the detriment of other regional departments managed by Compromis. This was the straw that supposedly broke the camel’s back, but in some circles of Valencians, the so-called The Mullah clan had been deliberately tightening the rope for a long time.. Another thing is purpose. The majority points out that neither Mireia Molla nor her father Pasqual Molla believe that things can go this far, and that being removed from office seven months before the elections is not an option. Others say it’s a strategy to finish blowing up the coalition, and incidentally, Get up close to the Sumar brand powered by Yolanda Díaz.

The fact is that the interruption was completed with a phone call in the early afternoon, and with it the remake was released. Mas’s determination to fire Mullah from Botànic came just 100 days after he took office as Vice President, Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, and spokesperson for Consell. in record time, But at the Generalitat he became a figure of weight. The appointment of Mónica Oltra as heir to all positions she left vacant after her resignation is framed in the accusation of allegedly concealing a case of sexual abuse of a minor in custody by the man who was the husband of the then vice president. Consulate.

Full, Oltra was one of the first to learn of the decision. From Aitana Mas de Cesar to Mireia Mollà. This October 25th was the chosen day to run this openwork movement. But he passed it on to Puig. Sources around him say he tried to meet with the minister to convey his decision in person. The meeting never took place and he eventually informed about the termination by phone.. The majority formation integrated into Compromís transferred its “respect and support” from Més to the decision of the vice-president, in short, emphasizing that he was the maximum representative of the Valencians in Consell. And since this position with the highest responsibility in the Ministry of Agriculture and Ecological Transition was included in the Initiative quota in the regional organizational chart, they had nothing to object to. They even celebrated. Isaura Navarro, in his statements to this newspaper, “dAfter the hardship of the pandemic, I’m facing another challenge», implying the portfolio he now undertakes.

Isaura Navarro is second from left this Tuesday, along with Mas and Puig. EFE

Mullah did not expect this sudden outcome to happen this Tuesday, as they underlined in the circle of trust. It is a movement they describe as “incomprehensible”. They believe Mas’s decision to remove him from Consell “was not justified” and that his dismissal from the Government was not discussed. They also warn that this situation has led to a crisis of unknown consequences, both within Consel and at the party level. To the extent that they underline this may even risk a third Botànic’s edition After the elections scheduled for May 2023. The same sources also say that Mullah did not try to negotiate the budget for his ministry directly with the Treasury Department. Meanwhile, iron was mined from this part of the Government. It was underlined that Mullah, like other ministers, met with Spain and handed over the budget priorities of his department for the next fiscal year. There is no more.

The relationship between Mas and Mullah was never exactly good, but hostilities have escalated in recent months. The vice-president publicly gave him a wake up call last friday. He did this when he came out after Consell’s plenary session, urging to “avoid tensions and personalities.” Three days ago, the Mullah again publicly called on the “Government of All Valencia” to promote the processing of renewable energy projects with the same effort as his department has claimed. This was something that caused deep discomfort in certain sectors of his own party, as he focused on the Ministry of Economy led by Rafa Climent (Més) and the overall direction of Landscape, which kept Rosa Pardo at the helm. From the vice president it was thought that Mullah had long acted on his own, giving up on any teamwork and blowing up all bridges of dialogue to try to redirect the situation.

The tension between Mullah and Mas did not only occur at the institutional level. In fact, they multiplied in the heat of organic concerns in the Initiative. In February of this year, Mas took the reins of Mónica Oltra’s party. Alberto Ibanez. Both were appointed as co-spokespersons of the most relevant formation. In this organic process, the Mullah did not start a civil war. In some circles of the party, they point out that due to the lack of support, it cannot try to remain a co-spokesperson. Oltra himself, then the trademark of the Valencians, Announces the candidacy of Mas and Ibáñez. Added to this, the Mullah also lost control of the Elche municipal list, creating the new Comprom’s primary arrangement that one of the first two positions should be for the old Blok.

Poison darts from Cortes minutes before he was charged

The poisoned arrows fired by Mireia Molla continued until minutes before they stopped. In an appearance seen at the Valencia Courts that same Tuesday, the currently Minister of Agriculture and Ecological Transition drew criticism from the opposition for his controversial absence during the fires recorded in Vall d’Ebo and Bejís this summer. The mullah argued that he would not take pictures from the rostrum at an emergency coordination center for fires, floods or disasters because “he doesn’t draw absolutely anything there” and that it was “inappropriate” for him. To be exact, Aitana Mas was the most outstanding position of Comprom’s foot in Consell, heading to the fire-affected area in August. Mullah’s absence from the 2019 DANA, which devastated Vega Baja, was also heavily criticized, even within his party.

Source: Informacion


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