As photographers, most of the time we focus on trying to get clients who want a photo session, a wedding, babies, travel, etc. Businesses are a good niche to try to earn extra money or turn them into your main source of income.

We usually take photos of products for catalogs, websites or restaurant menus, but decoration is a forgotten point that can be interesting to assess.

I know it’s hard to compete with stock image platforms, where you can buy any photo for very few euros, but when the business is local and seeks to decorate the facilities with photos of the city or what it promotes is not on the stock platforms because it is “homegrown”, that’s when you enter in the game.

The possibilities are quite wide, from paintings, flyers, business cards or something that is very fashionable and that you can make profitable, the photo murals.

What requirements must you meet to print a wall photo

Nowadays most photos, even those of the mobile are perfectly valid for printing in large format, think that to print a photo of 2 mx 4 m with a 4 megapixel camera it would be worth it. It is always important to correctly calculate the measurements of the print with the resolution of the camera, to avoid pixelated photos.

If you have doubts, ask your printer, the laboratories can guide you when printing a wall photo.

What material to use

Wallpaper is normally used, it is inexpensive, it is placed without major problem in a self-adhesive way or using wet paper and it is resistant to the passage of time.

print a photo for the wall

The parts in which the mural photo will be divided depends on the size of the wall you want to cover. For technical reasons it is usually divided into several parts.

Tips to avoid problems

Before sending a photograph to print, you must take into account:

  • The resolution of the photo is adapted to the final size. Although the laboratory should advise you that the size is not correct for the resolution of the photo, it is convenient that you make sure before sending anything. If you can, send the photo in the highest resolution possible.
  • Ask your lab for the color profile they use. So you can adapt your image to the correct colors and not get surprises later. This is a fairly common problem when someone takes their photos in physical formats.
mural photo in the room
  • You must take into account the bleed of the image, the edge that protrudes outside the image so that important areas of the photograph are not cut off. Normally 2mm of bleed is requested for each side of the image and another 2mm for the cutting area, always contact the printer to make sure.
  • The wall should be smooth and free of holes, some may need a primer coat or fill the holes with caulk.
  • Patience is a virtue when it comes to placing a wall photo. If the placement is for a client, it is better that you hire someone to place it the first time. Once you practice, you can place them yourself and be able to make the work more profitable.

As you can see, trying to earn extra money or make other businesses your main source of income can be a great idea.

how to place a wall photo

There are companies that do not value the originality of a custom work or settle for a stock photo, but the result of having something unique and defining your business on the office wall is indescribable.

Take the opportunity to take photos of various products or related to the company that has hired you to offer pictures, flyers or business cards. If they don’t want to, let them know that you will save the images in case they need to print something else later.


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