The French right is caught between extremism and apathy

The French Republican right is caught in a pinch between the two parties. macronism and extreme right. militants Republicans (LR, PP's partners in France) this weekend new president Although very little remains...



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‘The Foundation (T1)’: the sci-fi epic that should reign

Foundation (T1) ★★★★Creators: David S. Goyer and Josh FriedmanAddress: Rupert Sanders, Andrew Bernstein, Alex Graves and othersDistribution: Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, Leah HarveyCountry: United States of AmericaDuration:...

Only one of the “core” EU countries was ready to grant candidate status to Ukraine

At a press conference, the Italian prime minister said that all the "core states" of the EU are against granting Ukraine candidate status. (function(){ var advPlace = document.querySelector('._s_banner_adcenter:not()'); var gap = document.createElement('div'); gap.className="rg"; g_gazeta.addResizeListener(advPlace,function(el){ if(el.offsetHeight>10){ el.after(gap); }else{ gap.remove(); } }); })(); AdfProxy.ssp('._s_banner_adcenter', { 'p1': 'bwrhb', 'p2':...