Virginia Troconis remembers her time on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ and admits if she’d dare with ‘That’s what your face looks like to me’

'MasterChef Celebrity' continues to broadcast its new season every Monday. It's been seven editions since TVE's culinary format began, and it had its premiere in attendance. Viriginia Troconis and her husband Manuel...



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Antena 3 airs first episode of ‘The Gypsy Bride’ vs ‘The Island of Temptations’

'Island of interest' There will be a new opponent to beat this week. antenna 3 announced the open premiere of the first episode of the series. 'Gypsy Bride'The first two parts are available...

‘El Hormiguero’ sets a date for Tim Burton and Jamie Lee Curtis’ visit

antenna 3 This week, two world-renowned artists will be on the set. 'anthill'. He continues to be the international guests of the talk show and in the coming days the film director Tim...



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