second grade tomatoes

In my family, my brother is handsome and my sister is extraordinary. When mom walked with the first child in the stroller, people stopped admiring her. She was so blonde, so plump, so green-eyed, and so smiling that it was impossible not to attract attention, she. She spoke late, but she did very, very well the day she spoke. A cat came in our way and announced a question that chained subordinates and perfectly coordinated verbs she. My friends called me home for a snack and listened to him explain the solar system with fruits they found in the kitchen. Forty years later, he still has the same spark and intelligence.

My sister is an unusual being. His way of existence, his existence before life and his interpretation of reality change the existence of those who know him best. It makes the world richer and more interesting for those of us who are lucky enough to be by his side. He has an extra chromosome and is vitally wise. My mother, the best and most virtuous person I know, one day became honest and admitted that in our house, my brother is the beautiful one and my sister is the wonderful one. I cleared my throat a bit as I was an unknown that needed to be cleared and fidgeted in my chair to get his attention. She just looked at me with that loving expression of mothers and consoled me by saying that I was the tallest and prettiest of the three. We will go.

My family situation gave me a special sensitivity to call them unusual beauties. To the ugly and the non-frontal. Those who are unpopular, those who work in the shadows, those who have supporting roles. Robert Redford is handsome but I’m more into Tommy Lee Jones. The Silence of the Lambs is a masterpiece, thanks in part to Anthony Hopkins’ performance of just twenty minutes. I listen to the explanations of the politicians, but I wonder who is behind this, who broke the stone and wrote their speeches. I love the design of German cars. They are solid and impressive, but I rely more on Japanese technology. I admire the person behind the chef who covers the covers, the popular businessman, and the person who, without fuss or heroism, gives his chest to run things.

There are those who choose the largest strawberries without nicks, apples with shiny skins and tomatoes of the apple. ramlet They have the same size and intense color throughout the year. Although it is the oldest chicken that gives the best juice, those who buy the white skin chicken and the apricots look like peaches because they are so skewered. I’m one of those people who has special empathy for the ugliest tomatoes. Latter. The semi-hidden ones, because after all, people throw them away without even trying. Colmado seller says they are the best. They are so good that they are used for canning. “You’ll eat it in December and enjoy it like it’s August,” she says. They are not the most handsome, but they are the tallest.

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