We loved Olivia

The first thing I knew about Grease was that the commotion at the doors of the neighborhood movie theater in my city was so great the day of its premiere that he had fainting spells, plus he was scrambling to get in early and get a good spot. . The young mob wreaked havoc, the windows of the doors were smashed, and the priest threatened to cancel the session and even close the room forever. It was a miracle (according to adoring fans) that he didn’t. It took a few years for the ‘good’ movies to reach us, and we settled for what they called Trinidad, they kept calling it Trinidad, crappy karate movies, war movies or whatever they threw at us. We left Grease in love with bars. From the love story, the dances, the music, the jackets, the cars, the hairspray, the turkey of our era, and most of all, John Travolta. Oh Danny. From then on, nearly all high school year-end festivities featured the number of cars, combs, and glitters ready with more or less success, but no one dared to imitate the legendary dance, the dance that closed the movie. You are what I want. This required a striking black leather-clad Olivia Newton-Jones leading the charge. It was a few years before we dared so much, we had to go through the transformation from stupid girls to smart girls. How will the actress, who accompanies her beautiful smile from her school file and the photo she pasted on the wall next to the bed, will die at the age of 73 this week. Oh Sandy.

Grease is the movie I’ve watched the most in my life. I stayed to finish it every time I came across it and put it on whenever it was scheduled by the old days’ TVs. Dozens of times and it always makes me happy, guilty pleasure. Available on video cassette and CD; I dance with her in the car on vintage radio stations, to the embarrassment of my kids. Luckily, I didn’t stick to the first version when I was a kid, because the priest censored the entire episode where she broke Rizzo (Stockard Channing) and her boyfriend’s condoms with her famous scissors, and she thinks she’s pregnant. You wouldn’t see any kissing in our cinema: the story stumbled abruptly as the protagonists approached their mouths, changing the scene, and a hoot resounded in the room as the inspector turned on the lights and finished the movie. session to prevent blood from reaching the river. In other words, I understood Grease’s original ending when shooting Grease 2 with other heroes was an unforgivable insult. Because Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t the wonderful, sweet Olivia she was making us even enjoy her Xanadu cake. We have been following the lively and professional adventures of the protagonist of our musical fetish for years in Superpop magazine and the like. We recorded her physical album, learning about her wedding, her daughter, and long after the breast cancer she overcame, steered her prevention activism, and eventually took her away. John Travolta is left without the best dance partner courtesy of Uma Thurman, who gave him an answer in Pulp Fiction in another life, in his adult life. It was reassuring that our youth icons Danny Zuco and Sandy Olsson are still in this world, but not anymore. For me, summer may already be over. Let the new course begin and the Pink Ladies reunite with Thunder Birds.

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