Covid’s mystery

After the last recorded wave of COVID-19, which was already benign, the pandemic seems to have disappeared from the media and erased from the curiosity and interest of citizens. He is sometimes referred to as someone who speaks of the summer heat; From time to time, you hear a well-meaning warning from someone wearing a mask, and sometimes very little information about the disease emerges…

The truth is, as the pandemic has stopped coming to the fore, we have seen many citizens infected, how the personal environment is infected, we know with amazement that hundreds of people die every day for months. Without letting anyone bring this tragedy forward as if it were the most normal thing in the world, the equivalent of a harmless flu. In addition, plausible and frightening information is emerging that one in eight cases of Covid is one of the so-called long-term ones, that is, producing unpleasant symptoms – weakness, cough, muscle pain, loss of strength. loss of memory, smell and taste – for months. In fact, no one knows how many months. Far less know of any useful treatment for these cases. Apparently, once vaccines were available, the research effort was completely dwindled.

It is possible that the exhaustion of the health system after such a long period of tension has left it depleted, but this early end of the health problem must be analyzed in a place where there really is no one, where there are still many infections and apparently many deaths. enter the Ministry corresponding to the autonomous communities and the controls of the situation.

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