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Now that Feijóo has brought moderation back into vogue—with little success in the polls—a study published in The Lancet suggests that very moderate alcohol consumption may be preventative against certain ailments. One or two glasses of red a day may have benefits for some, perhaps cardiovascular health, as long as consumed from age 40 onwards. Wine is not for the young.

The best effect is achieved after 65 almanac tacos; this is a joyful age when one can already take a few more doses of Rioja without atonement for the body. It is the consolation of retirees who, at this point in their lives, see their access to other pleasures diminished inexorably.

Drinkers aged 40-64 can also enjoy a glass of wine, but nothing more. With scientific precision, the researchers set the limit for standard drinks at 1.69 for men and 1.82 for women, and the health benefits of this have already been confirmed. Contrary to popular belief, women seem to be more resilient.

Teens, in their 20s and 30s, only water left. In his case, the problem is not far from the liver. The main risk in this age group is traffic accidents, where excessive alcohol is not uncommon. Or fights that unleash a combination of gin and tonic and youth-specific trigger hormones.

The article nuances previous research in the same journal that years ago recommended absolute sobriety at any stage of life.

In favor of this small change of mind is a very large sample of the work now published. The researchers analyzed data from men and women from no less than three decades in 204 countries.

This is a solvent report that, like drinking, can conclude that the best thing to do when it comes to voting is not to drink alcohol, or in any case, don’t overdo it. But some can be taken moderately and depending on the health of each individual.

Nor is it in any way that science invites you to uncork bottles as a cure to prevent heart disease.

Only researchers point out that wine taken at or around an insufficient therapeutic dose of a glass can have a beneficial vasodilatory effect on the arteries, reducing the so-called “bad” cholesterol and protecting the blood’s lining. ships. However, any small excess in intake will turn the drug into a poisonous elixir.

The novelty of this latest work, if any, is that it raises the bar even higher for those who have reached or already passed retirement age. Unlike young people, the share of non-harming morapium is slightly higher.

It’s no small discovery that wine is something more important to older people that it can even serve as medicine if they don’t overdose it. Children are contraindicated in all cases, but it is feared that not all of them follow these healthy recommendations.

The key, as with anything, is extreme moderation, but this may seem like an oxymoron. Check out how well Feijóo did in the polls.

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