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Worried about rising inflation, some economists recommend starting thinking in the fall. Psychologists don’t. Who should he stay with?

In the news, psychologists appear after disasters, but they are more useful earlier in life. These days, we see them coming to comfort people who are psychologically charred after fires because there was no forest clearing effort to prevent it with firefighting before. Psychologists are urgently recommended to devastated people, but their preventive work is better because they help weed out ideas and cut down dry obsession trees.

Methodologically, psychology now asks us to live mindfully in the present moment. Living is a perpetual present, but loading yourself with a brain that tells you, repeats, remembers, and predicts confuses you with the past and the future and distracts you from it in a constant and intermittent way. This good living in the present is cautious, it has nothing to do with the maniac living in the moment that the market of experiences offers.

There are economists who predict that the vengeance of our summer (exotic, long, national, short, late or local) will come in autumn, but can only imagine a cold winter on these sleepless nights due to heating restrictions. with guilt and sweat, of which we are blood donors of thin mosquitoes? One doesn’t just get used to the idea that the future is the long corridor of the past with warm radiators and cold water taps.

Maybe some of those back at work are better accustomed to the harsh autumn of the apocalypse heralds, but for those who haven’t seen summer yet, other than the afternoon light and more unrelated to the season. we find it difficult to imagine the sweet sadness of the leaves falling on the weekend roll and the bitter face of the rise of inflation. Also, despite its drawbacks, there is never enough summer for the light-sensitive and it’s always hard to wait for long light-covered days.

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