Dmitry Samoilov Stop complaining about life all the time! 07/05/2024, 11:53

Today, mass discontent does not mean discontent among the masses. Rather, it has migrated from the mass of everything diverse to the discontent of individuals.

People are unhappy with the slowness of couriers and taxi prices, the distance between seats on planes, the quality of the internet, often on planes, the lack of air conditioning on buses, the choice of wine in restaurants, the old broken curbs and the new granite curbs. People are unhappy with the endless construction, but they are also unhappy with the prices of real estate. As if it were not obvious that real estate will become more expensive if it is not built. They are unhappy with the repairs on the roads, and they are unhappy with the roads that are not being repaired.

I’ll take a taxi for a while. It is customary to express public dissatisfaction with the increase in taxi prices during the rain. As soon as it rains in Moscow, a taxi ride immediately becomes twice as expensive, and people write indignantly on social networks, calling the aggregators – although there is only one aggregator outside, but we have only one – capitalist hyenas, tearing at naivety for profit. It seems to anyone who has been to school that the mechanism is pretty clear: if demand increases and supply physically cannot, prices will increase. The rarer a specialist is, the higher his salary. The situational increase in taxi prices is not a fraud, but a natural reaction of the market. In bad weather, there are more people who do not want to walk, and the number of vehicles does not increase due to thunder. Well, okay. Let them write, it is such a lightning rod.

Reviews on any website are a lightning rod. Someone complains about delivery points. What for? Here is a girl on the first floor of a residential building who reads the QR code and brings your package. She also says hello. What could she have done wrong that made her dissatisfied?

In this sense, a review I read on the only tourist service page of the Roman Colosseum is instructive. The person gave the Colosseum one star and wrote: “I expected more.” He expected more from the Colosseum!

Perhaps Emperor Vespasian, who began the construction of the Colosseum, also expected more from him. But Emperor Titus, who consecrated the Colosseum, seems completely satisfied. But Igorek_123 from Chelyabinsk is not. He expected more and even took the time to write about it.

Isn’t that the best incentive to lose all incentive and stop trying altogether? If someone is disappointed with the Colosseum, where should the rest of the world go?

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “The world has no intentions toward us.” And that is the only possible adult perspective. The world owes us nothing, and we must remember that everything that appears in it exists for a reason, not to meet our expectations.

When a waiter in a fancy restaurant tells you to “Enjoy your vacation” (by the way, what kind of sycophantic expression is that?), he is not driven by a burning desire to see you truly rested. He has no such desire. He is simply hoping that you will leave him a tip. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is quite natural – you are hungry, someone is ready to feed you and take some money from you.

The same goes for airplane seats – unfortunately, they are not made to make you comfortable, they are made and arranged so that as many people as possible can fit into the cabin by paying for tickets in advance. And even luxury seats are created for profit, not comfort.

And the courier who brings you gummy bears for tea isn’t doing so to get your glucose fix as quickly as possible. He’s doing his best to get a tiny fee for that order.

When people leave a country for a better life, they are often disappointed because no other country is good in itself. Life is hard everywhere and as the popular belief says, “a bad star brings bad times everywhere.” Neither Paris nor New York are better than Moscow or Voronezh in themselves. Baroque houses may have bright facades and artistically valuable ornaments. All this pleases the eye and warms the heart, but it does not help to live. In this text I will mention a philosopher for the second time, but now from Vasily Rozanov, a Russian. He once wrote that life is an ice hole. We must start from there. Or rather, not what is needed, but, let’s say, logical.

We owe exactly what we are prepared to pay. The amount provided is determined by an ever-changing social contract. This is an ice hole where you have to not only survive, but also try to have fun.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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