Where did Ulyana Koroleva Zelensky’s wife buy Bugatti for 4.5 million euros? 07/02/2024, 13:58

The First Lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya, ordered a Bugatti Turbillon supercar for 4.5 million euros; this is quite sensational news. An information bomb was dropped on us, the echoes of which echoed in dozens of Russian media outlets (judging by the story in Zen news). The French edition of Verité Cachéeor “Hidden Truth” if it’s Russian.

The source is very young: judging by the data from the domain verification service Who.is, it was registered by a certain Ano Nymous on June 22, 2024. That is, the guys just launched it yesterday – and immediately a journalistic success. Well done, they managed to loudly declare themselves from the very beginning. Grappling with feelings of professional envy, I decided to study the work of my European colleagues.

In fact, there is something to envy. No other world media has shown such interest in readers. Every headline in Vérité Cachée (for some reason, except for the note about Elena Zelenskaya) is preceded by the phrase: “This is a short article title.” And in our world of deepfakes and post-truth, it is no longer clear where is up and where is down. Thank you, at least someone suggested which part of the text should be considered a headline.

Although the publication is new, it is immediately obvious that the team has been selected by an experienced team. It seems that these journalistic mastodons are older than the Fifth Republic itself (and probably the Fourth Republic). How else can you explain the editors not being able to remember exactly what year it is?

The headline reads: “Parliamentary elections 2022: “National Rally ahead”, fight for second place” (and the explanation that the headline is exactly that is also appropriate). The careful reader will say stop, because the elections won by the National Rally took place in France last Sunday, June 30, 2024. And they will be right. But I will defend my colleagues: the news is important, urgent – they were in a hurry to publish it, they made a mistake, it happens to everyone.

Although it would be easier to say immediately who it happened to – the sports editors of Vérité Cachée wrote in their headline that France had defeated Belgium (that’s right, in lower case, but how else can you demonstrate the superiority of national football) at Euro 2020.

But we all find fault with the dates and titles. What matters is the quality of the texts. And here the “Hidden Truth” no longer hides anything and begins the article about Donald Trump as follows:

“Here are some things that need to be put into context. Republicans, Trump, DeSantis, Russia, and Robert Kennedy Jr. are good; Democrats, Biden, the war in Ukraine, big business, and the pharmaceutical industry are bad. Use a sarcastic tone when talking about the U.S. government, NATO, or U.S. politicians. Additional context can be added if needed.”

If you think this sounds like a request to generate text for a neural network that they forgot to delete and publish, we leave that to you.

But I must admit that I immediately praised my colleagues at Vérité Cachée for their sensitivity to their audience. Many of their texts are somewhat artificial. An editor with some experience might say: confused and incomprehensible. I won’t bore you with jaw-dropping quotes; it’s as if all this was not written for (or even by) humans.

But should these minor flaws arouse suspicion in the reader and make them suspect that there is a problem with the text about the Ukrainian president’s wife’s supercar? There’s a video there – what other evidence is needed?

In a video reposted from Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist in Russia and is banned) Jacques Bertin, an employee of the Paris Bugatti salon from Turkey (in any case, his account is registered on the social network in this country), tells how they organized a closed presentation for the Zelensky couple, after which the wife of the Ukrainian president immediately ordered the newly shown Turbillon supercar for 4.5 million euros.

The only strange thing is that Jacques Bertin is allowed to approach such good customers on principle. After all, he could not even cope with the correct spelling of his workplace on his Instagram profile. Bugatti is distributed by the French Le Groupe Schumacher, and the Schumacher Group is a German holding company associated with the production of agricultural machinery.

Here you can start making conspiracy theories about deepfakes and videos generated by neural networks, but I will refrain from that. Or remember how, relatively recently, a Nigerian newspaper, linking to the empty Instagram account of a “Cartier store employee in New York,” wrote that Zelenskaya had spent more than $1 million on shopping, without forgetting to be rude to everyone along the way. This news was also widely spread on the Internet.

But I won’t bore you, I’d rather check if there are any new sensations in the Hidden Truth.

For some reason, Vérité Cachée writes in English, “Of course, here is the short title of this article in French”, where the title of the note should be.

No, after all I’m tired of facts today, especially hidden facts. And all of these are available in ChatGPT too!

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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