Anastasia Mironova How to get rid of obsessive followers forever? There is only one way 06/27/2024, 08:03

The State Duma is still discussing the bill on stalking. The New People seem to have corrected it twice. The party is promoting a new norm that would allow administrative and even criminal sanctions for unauthorized stalking. The initiative is old, but for some reason it is regularly met with resistance in the State Duma. Although among the deputies there seem to be many people of the public who become the target of obsessive persecution more often than others.

In general, this norm is long overdue. It needs to be taken immediately. Many people in our country are victims of obsessive stalking. When people talk about stalking, they usually mean persistent exes and family tyrants from whom women run to hide. A standard situation: a wife leaves a tyrant, he goes after her, promises to kill her, burns her and finally beats her to death with his fists in front of dozens of people in a shopping mall. Apparently, today the perverts in the majority of the population mean exactly these people.

Although we already have all the necessary laws to prevent such crimes, they simply do not work. We have articles about death threats, hooliganism and beatings. There is also a dogma that says “come when you kill”. The law of pursuit will not help here. Actually, this is a completely different song.

For me, and especially for my life, the bill under discussion is more important. My husband is not and will not pursue me with his fists. Like everyone who is at least somewhat active on the Internet, even broadcasts in the media and occasionally appears on TV, I have other problems. I know very well that we must urgently take measures to protect ourselves from the masses that flock to the Internet. Because there is so much abuse and deviation. When you appear before millions, there will definitely be a few among them who will insist on getting to know you.

Stalking online is like schizophrenia. I think many stalkers are actually schizophrenic and have delusions.

Along with delusions of persecution, litigation, and invention, one of the classic schizodelusions is delusions about a public figure. These are situations where people suddenly begin to believe that a famous person is in love with them or wants their attention. All these women, who believe that Kirkorov is secretly in love with them and that they have a common fate with Stas Mikhailov, are not much different from the perverts who pursue journalists, deputies, constantly write letters to them, want to meet, want to meet. I noticed, I met, I talked.

Every more or less readable journalist or blogger has followers. People who write to us all the time demand attention. Some of them are not harmless at all. I have several followers. One of them lives in Kaliningrad and has created more than a hundred accounts for comments. He watches my life, catches some information about my family leaking to the Internet. He calculates which school my child goes to, how old my wife is. He writes to me all the time and gets angry because I don’t answer him.

Three years ago I said here, on, that he threatened to file a complaint against me “just like that” to the guardianship office so that they would come and check how my child lives, so that I would not relax and know. How can you not respond to Valery’s comments? Maybe he’s completely confined to a wheelchair and my broadcasts are his only way out into the world. And he would be very happy to have a friend and interlocutor like me. He believes that we are made for each other and I don’t engage in conversation with him just because I don’t understand or see something.

But it doesn’t concern me, he caught me. I don’t have the ability to ban him at the IP level. I can’t do this either in Zen, or in social networks, or in Telegram. I ban him, he opens new accounts.

Another example: St. I had a follower who even came to St. Petersburg on purpose and took the train for days hoping to meet me, knowing that I lived outside the city. And there’s no way to deal with these things.

I have another example: a man who lives somewhere in the Yaroslavl region, suddenly decided that all his troubles were due to Anastasia Mironova. The bailiffs found her, they wrote bad things about her on the Internet, the neighbors learned that she was in prison in her youth, he attributed all his troubles to Anastasia Mironova and told all his friends that it was the journalist who killed her, which puts him in danger. He is pleased to think that a whole journalist is busy with him. Someone believes that Kirkorov is in love with them, but in my case the man believes that I hate him from afar and make it my life’s goal to harm him. At first glance, it seems that there is no harm in this for me. However, when, for example, I applied for a job with an official in the Yaroslavl government, and he told me that from morning till night I think about what other bad things I can do to the reader, there was no joy. From Tutaev.

And I’m still not a very popular person. The truly famous ones have thousands of such valeras and Antons. All these people need a law that briefly sounds like a line from a famous song: “Take my beautiful name out of your mouth (Don’t you dare say my name).” Of course, you can’t wear a scarf on every mouth. This makes me very sad personally, because universal internet has brought tens of millions to the stage in our country alone. And not all of this is normal, healthy, or decent. There is a need for a surveillance law against them too.

Even ordinary people have such followers. There are so many stories from ordinary people who meet stalkers on the Internet, sometimes by chance, and this turns into years of persecution! Interestingly, women are often the followers here.

Another common scenario is your ex-girlfriend stalking you. Girlfriend. This often happens when life is going well for one schoolmate and nothing is going well for the other. And there is no way to get rid of such a girlfriend.

In general, I don’t think the new law will do much to save you from heretics. Laws are not enough; In parallel, we need to develop some kind of automated system to protect against harassment on the Internet. So, for example, I can ban the same Valera at the IP level so that he does not return under any name. And so Anton, having moved to my land, does not see my channel, my posts, does not remember me at all and does not awaken his delirium. Having the opportunity to complain about tracking on Telegram.

The law is not enough here; leading online platforms need to sign a memorandum of understanding on combating persistent harassment and provide people with tools that will allow them to completely hide themselves from perverts. The necessary technical capabilities for this already exist today. In general, our level of digital development today allows a certain Marvanna, who is sure that Kirkorov is in love with her, not to mention him on the Internet at all, so that search engines and news feeds hide from her any mention of the star she is obsessed with. But for this to happen, we need the will of the private sector.

Comprehensive measures need to be taken under conditions where everyone, including the insane, has the right to speak. First of all, all healthy people need to unite to protect themselves from the sick and abnormal. What good will the new law do if followers create thousands of accounts and continue to poison the lives of acquaintances and strangers alike? We need collective will and understanding that social networks and instant messengers are surveillance tools.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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