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They gave me a day off and that was fine. Apparently this is the twelfth, this is the whole holiday. What’s behind it? The first congress of people’s deputies under the chairmanship of Boris Yeltsin in 1990, the “sovereignty parade” that marked the end of the existence of the Soviet Union, the beginning of the troubled times of the nineties. Not the most pleasant memories. And the holiday was approved then, but it was called the Day of Adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. It’s cumbersome and not very clear. Sovereignty means independence, but formally the RSFSR was not dependent on anyone, and the Russian Federation was even more dependent. By the way, for some reason Russia became the legal successor not only of the RSFSR, but of the entire USSR, which also implied the inheritance of common debts. For some reason, no one thought about this independence. But this is in the past. Now June 12 is just Russia Day. No political or even historical meaning can be sought in such a name. Actually there is no need for this, it is unnecessarily burdensome. Why explain something and argue about something for a long time? It is quite natural for a country to have its own day. Country Day. Let Russia have June 12th.

It’s easy to dislike Russia. It even became fashionable. Some say their conscience dictates this attitude. Who can argue: Russia is not the easiest country to live in. And it’s definitely not the easiest country to love. But how can someone who was born, raised and lives there not accept Russia? To those who work and raise their children here? This is possible, but fraught with broad spectrum disorders. It’s like having an allergy to yourself; an irreversible process of self-destruction.

Let’s take a break from destructive practices and remember why we love Russia.

Far from the noisy and absolutely prosperous Moscow. Let’s turn to another city founded by Yuri Dolgoruky. If you walk along the oldest preserved walls of Russia in Pereslavl-Zalessky, you can go to the Church of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste and stop on the shores of Lake Pleshcheyevo. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world at sunset. Not that I’ve seen all the beautiful places, but I’m sure the list would be incomplete without a view of Lake Pleshcheyevo. This is where Russia begins. Not in a geographical or even historical sense. Rather in an emotional, philosophical sense. Here, 500 years after the founding of the city, Peter I built his entertaining fleet, from which the Russian fleet later emerged. So this is where the empire began. No explanation is needed here; It’s easy and pleasant to feel like part of the country.

The peculiarity of Russia is that its diversity is emphasized by its monolithic nature. Yes, 89 subjects, hundreds of nationalities and languages. But this is one country. This is easy to check. St. You can board the plane in St. Petersburg and get off ten hours later in Vladivostok. Of course you will speak the same language as the people living there, that’s obvious. But you will share the same joys, the same concerns with them, you will know the same musicians, artists, writers and historical figures. You will clearly understand what the corner counter will look like before you even see it; you will recognize the sidewalks, fences and crosswalks, houses, clothes, prices in the store. All this will be familiar and understandable.

This homogeneity is not at all contrary to originality. It is easy to distinguish the reduced, clear and fast Uralic dialect by ear from the slow and developed South Russian dialect. It is impossible to confuse Buryat buuz with Siberian dumplings, Ryazan kalinnik with Pskov gubnik, and Tuvan throat song with Volga ditty. Everything is entirely individual, yet inexplicably contributes to the endless patchwork quilt of a country. Countries that seem to fall out of the world picture, with a complex history and not having an optimal climate anywhere; so big, so diverse, so ridiculous. Russia contradicts rational ideas about well-being, it is difficult to assemble, it is difficult to manage, it is difficult not only to control, but even to study. It’s hard to travel on – it’s easy to joke about roads, but how do you build and maintain them on such a large scale? It’s hard to love him. That’s why we love it.

I understand that no one wants to spend extra effort, money, time, but still everyone can afford such a thing at least once in their life. Go out onto the ice of Lake Baikal in winter, onto the shores of Russky Island at the end of September, ride in a hot air balloon over Veliky Novgorod, or go to the field closest to your dacha at dawn. Stop for five minutes and think that you are part of this country. Look into the distance of space and deep within yourself. What you feel will be the reward for your love for Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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