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If I could teleport, if daily life were not so confusing sometimes, I would like to be in Madrid on a Monday afternoon, especially at 7pm in the La Mistral bookstore, like a well-combed nail, listening to two writers I admire. and people whose intelligence I admire: Rosa Montero and Claudia Piñeiro. On the news desk, overlapping books include True Stories and Writing Silence, both written in Alfaguara, which in the case of Montero bring together chronicles and reports published in the newspaper El País, and press articles published in the newspaper Piñeiro. speeches at book fairs and university conferences, as well as Argentinian newspapers such as Clarín, La Nación and Página 12. Nonfiction texts, although both authors are possessed above all by the fictional demon. Words that were woven with the urgency of life at that time but continue to speak today.
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