dangerous summer

There is such a resort in Egypt – Hurghada. Who doesn’t know him? And half of those who know must be there. Good and cheap hotels, sandy beaches and warm sea. Average service and a poor cultural program, but direct flights from several Russian cities and, of course, the coveted “all-inclusive” leading to spoilage, but humiliating for a ten-day vacation is not so scary and sometimes even useful. That is Hurghada. There the other day, just off the coast, sharks ate two women who were resting. One from Romania, the other from Austria. Probably not about such a vacation that they dreamed of. And immediately other sensations from the stories about Egypt all-inclusive, right? Apparently, sharks are inaccessible to Australia and even eat humans once a year. And here – a very close Hurghada.

This story gave me the next thought. Summer seems to be the ideal time of the year, everything is beautiful in it, everything in it is a pleasure, and I just want to write about it. However, this is also a period of increased danger for certain vulnerable groups of the population – for example, the elderly and children. Some overheat in the sun, others get lost in the forest. Not everyone will be eaten by sharks, of course, but every summer literally requires everyone to be careful.

For example, now in Germany people are warned about the danger of tick attacks. Ticks seem to be associated with our dense and wild forests, especially those beyond the Urals. This is where encephalitis and borreliosis, as well as hemorrhagic fever. And it turns out that all this is in prosperous Germany, where even in a dense forest the roads can be covered with cobblestones, and every hundred meters there will be benches and wastebaskets.

The real danger, of course, is children. More precisely, children are the main object towards which all kinds of dangers are directed. And summer is exactly when they spend most of their time outside. And how is it tracked? After all, adults want to talk, lie down in a hammock, read the news, watch TV shows, drink and sleep. And then there are the children. And someone needs to go to the river, someone needs to go to the forest and pick mushrooms. And in the river there is a rapid current with eddies, and in the forest again ticks, vipers and you can get lost.

The problem is that today’s children are the eternal summer generation. In the sense that they have grown sheltered to the point where they have no idea about danger or how to deal with it. Thirty years ago, while playing with street kids in garages, you fell off the roof with broken bottles and were much more careful next time. Thus, a difficult, bad and joyful experience was obtained. If today’s kid finds himself on the roof of the garage, he’ll probably panic and call his mom. No lesson will be learned from this, but his mother will strictly and nervously forbid him to go there, and he will obey. He will obey, because he grew up on playgrounds, covered in something soft, rubbery and completely safe, it’s impossible to even rip your knee off. And what is childhood without torn knees? What is summer without them?

Yes, children were less protected before, which is perhaps less humane, but those who lived to adulthood were tempered and educated.

It follows from this that today’s children cannot give up on themselves, even for a single step. This is a different generation, they need constant care and supervision. If in the jungle, then only with adults, with a compass and a charged phone or even a power bank. Into the river, with inflatable armrests and an inflatable pink flamingo. Anyway, we’re not going swimming, we’re going to take selfies.

What about the elderly? Yes, same with kids. It should be protected from the sun and given plenty of water. If possible, do not leave the forest alone. Yes, yes, grandfather, fifty years ago you were collecting aspen mushrooms in this forest, but believe me, everything has changed now – firstly, your sight is minus nine, and secondly, the pots are no longer the same, so there is you. in space you orient yourself worse, and besides, the forest itself is a little different after the forest reform.

Those responsible for everything – how to survive this summer for adults in the prime of life?

That’s understandable, at least until you try not to swim in Hurghada. Walk more preferably alone and preferably in the evening. Because otherwise what kind of holiday is this. Walking in the evening is a great benefit – you can think about the past day and distract from your problems. I mean, your problems. Before a sound sleep, you can lose extra pounds and load your legs. But more importantly, you can avoid bad habits. After all, what to do in the evening in the summer, and in the country and even in the resort? Of course, drinking with a neighbor. A drunk person is no longer responsible for anyone. Like the grandfather in the previous paragraph – he is still confident, but it is clear that he is no longer what he used to be.

What do you wish for this dangerous summer? Being alive and healthy, thinking about the beautiful, looking at the clouds, not forgetting to look after the children. Finally, one day summer will end, autumn will come, children will go to school, they do not need to be looked after. That’s when we’ll rest.

Take care of yourself!

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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