Sprinklers, watered

Our ruling Atlanticists are convinced of the success of their strategy. punishing Russia economically For his invasion of Ukraine and eventually it will be like in that old movie by the Lumière brothers entitled “The Sprinkler, Sprinkled”.

already warns us European Central Bank: If Russia cuts gas supplies to Central and Western Europe in retaliation, we will experience an economic recession in 2023 and three years of sharp price increases in both goods and services.

Price oil barrel There will be a sharp drop in GDP that will fluctuate between $170 and $180, doubling the current price and affecting Europe’s main engine, Germany in particular, with serious consequences for everyone.

The interruption of gas flow will slow activity in the productive sectors that are currently most exposed to the increase. energy pricesThis will result in a significant loss of competitiveness in international markets where only the US and Asian countries can benefit.

Not to mention the inevitable rise in unemployment at a time when European governments, following instructions from Washington, are choosing to increase military spending to the detriment of increasingly necessary social programs.

This is something that is much more obvious in industrialized Italy than in Germany, at the same time that a vigorous debate erupted between the parties of the governing coalition over whether it should be advisable to continue arming Ukraine, as requested by the president. Volodymyr Zelensky.

But fear is starting to spread in Germany as well, and the media are already talking about the fact that if Russia cuts gas supplies, the country may have to resort to what they call a “war economy” that will require direct intervention. By the State in commercial activity as in the forties of the last century.

If Moscow reaches this extreme, the performance of the German economy could drop by 12.7 percent, much more than the 4.9 percent it experienced in 2020, the year of the coronavirus pandemic. Basel.

The indefinite prolongation of the war, which the Anglo-Saxon governments seem to have wagered first and foremost to shed Russia’s blood, could be Europe’s economic suicide, they say.

Moreover, if the purpose of the economic and financial blockade imposed on Russia by the West is to sink the ruble, it turns out that the opposite is true: the currency has recently reached historic records against the dollar and euro.

This is explained by the fact that the ruble is a major supplier to Russia and is closely linked to energy products, which are the strongest foundations a currency can have.

Thus, Russian gas giant Gazprom made $8,000 million in profits last year, 62 percent more than the previous year and the highest profit in its history, and something similar happened with oil company Rosneft.

Russia, which the West removed from the Swift system used by banks around the world for their cross-border transactions, is also developing alternative systems with its ally China.

The problem with our foreign ministries is that they often don’t see that there is another world made up of important countries like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia or South Africa that look at what’s going on in Ukraine with different eyes. and despite their disapproval of the invasion, they refuse to follow Washington on everything.

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