How much does the state cost?

As a result of the official visit of the Secretary of Equality to the United States, Irene Montero along with other senior officials of his ministry and other public officials who do not have government responsibilities within that Ministry, were judged on the advisability of this trip in public and on social networking forums.

Co-religionists support the issue, and haters criticize it, leaving some memes of Iberian humor for the national turmoil in the history of political communication.

But having said that, questions have arisen recently about the executive pay and the number of senior positions in the Nation Government. And this will increasingly come under political criticism, not only from the Government, but also from other Governments that have significantly increased their political structures in the face of the looming economic tsunami.

Transparency is a value of Public Administrations with numerous regulations promoting these policies in the State as a whole and in the European Union. A few weeks ago I wrote in full about the power of citizens to request information from any Administration and the importance of spreading a culture of transparency in the education system, the relational fabric and the media.

Regarding requests for transparency from senior government officials, some made the news. For example, in response to a request for information on the costs of the Head of the Government’s trips to State Heritage residences or music festivals, some citizens were denied information due to the always-appealed limit of the right. access to public information; in this case, using national security as an excuse not to reveal the details of the President’s escort.

But at the end of the day, transparency is a value that logically needs to be followed by some limits, but when these are respected, no excuses should be made. After all, it should always be borne in mind that public money administered by a monarch comes from taxes paid religiously by citizens, and they have a right to information about what each euro cent is spent on.

How much does the state cost? How much does the political structure and salaries cost? To address these questions, we must take into account the distinction made in Article 97 of the Spanish Constitution, where it refers to the distinction between the public administration composed of civil servants and workers’ personnel, and the government with executive power. civilian, democratically elected by the citizens of the administration. In addition, the government consists of senior officials (ministers, secretaries of state, secretaries general, directors-general, delegates) as well as temporary staff who perform the functions of consulting the government and are elected by them without regard to merit. or the qualification required to become a civil servant.

For example, especially Ministry of Equality She holds a total of nine senior positions, chaired by Minister for Equality, and then Secretary of State for Equality and Undersecretary for Equality Against Gender Violence, which we mentioned primarily for her news trip to the United States. Council of Ministers, Technical Secretary General, Government Delegate Against Gender Violence, Director General for Sexual Diversity, Director General for Equal Treatment and Director General of the Institute for Women. According to data on the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration, the economic wage for senior positions in this ministry in 2021 amounted to €856,790.71. In addition, a total of 1,00,587,73 temporary staff (consultants) affiliated to this ministry in 2021 last year. In other words, the gross wages of senior positions and consultants total €1,857,378.44, to which must be added social security contributions, which are additional travel expenses, allowances, mileage or other extraordinary wages.

But there is something politically unsustainable about the trip: when the President of the United States was on an official visit to Spain, what exactly was a member of the Government doing in North America on tour with a questionable agenda, or not even meeting. with his colleague in government Biden? to think about it.

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