Full speed

Carlos Mazón celebrated the year at the head of his pack’s strength and entered an interrogation that coincided with the ephemerides, making it clear that whoever would become Ximo Puig’s direct rival was not intimidated by any front. opens the questionnaire and as soon as the whistle blows, he begins to give his doctrine: “I will not touch sexist violence or abortion if I manage”. It seems to me that I am listening to Eduardo Zaplana, who is more liberal than the one who invented it. Sorry for the comparison, but the suitor in the current loop assumes the similarity doesn’t bother him, as he isn’t a “tag friend”. Beautiful, but for one, seeing the shadow of the exquisite Aznar dolphin won’t be a speck. It is p’a tó of people.

During the rally stage he escaped, he saw the pilot duo formed by Pablo and Teodoro pushing them to take the reins here. Needless to say, she doesn’t miss them even if they’re lacking. 7% of the Crowd, as his driving style uses nautical cloth and the new management is striving to remove any obstacles that could allow him to continue to manage the formation, where the López Miras pupa from across Murcia a few days ago was approved by only 98. Feijóo doesn’t want any fuss, which is handy for Mazón, a lifelong Feijon.

The contender for the wand in Palau is political to the point of saying enough. “Moltissim”. Even when he wasn’t exercising like that. Not Pipiolo, and now it’s gaining momentum. It is launched and guarantees a certain resistance capacity. He’s jogging. He is trying to warn at full speed that there are glass ceilings that have not yet been covered, that the immigration flow needs to be increased for these payments, and that the meeting place for conservatives, liberals and social democrats is today, beware, his party. “I’m more liberal than the average pepe”. Let’s see if a part of his congregation will not vote for him at this rate.

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