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The “Diamond Arm” has been around for as long as I can remember. I am filled to the brim with quotes from this movie – occasionally, willingly or unwillingly, I burst out: “Semyon Semyonich!” or “Gold, diamonds.” “Our people do not take a taxi to the bakery”, “Tsigel-tsigel ay-lyulyu”, “Russo is a tourist against morality”, “Pants turn into stylish shorts”, “Flowers for women, ice is cream for children”, “Senya asks his friend why Volodka shaved his mustache explain”, “You will be with us in Kolyma”… I could go on for a long time.

Perhaps this is the most cited movie in my personal rating. And not in mine either: “The Diamond Arm” regularly ranks among the top ten most mentioned Soviet and Russian films, although its closest competitors are the films of the same author, director Leonid Gaidai, “12 Chairs”, familiar to almost every adult citizen. ”, “Caucasian prisoner”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”, “Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”.

At the same time, I can’t call The Diamond Arm my favorite movie. I don’t know why, but I rarely have it on in the background when I want to cheer myself up. On the contrary, this film masterpiece and I are like spouses after half a century of marriage – we seem to be tired of each other, but we cannot even imagine a separate life.

I vaguely remember our first meeting, but the words “damn” spoken by Andrei Mironov were etched in my memory – God, how I laughed when he deliberately fell into a narrow street in Baku, describing Istanbul, the “city of contrasts”. film.

A few years later, I matured enough to realize the wild eroticism on stage with Svetlana Svetlichnaya. The scriptwriters read my thoughts and not only did the elastic of Anna Sergeevna’s bra come undone, it literally created the effect of a bomb explosion. Soviet citizens were not allowed to indulge in sexual innuendos: the dangerous beauty Svetlichnaya in only panties turned into fat Nonna Mordyukova in a tight mini, and the audience had no choice but to forget about sex and laugh until they cried again.

I’ve never specifically rewatched The Diamond Arm, but if I came across it I didn’t turn it off until the end. And I met him about once every two years, so he was always with me throughout my life.

This film, as they say, contains all the achievements of Soviet cinema – and I see no point in singing another ode to it, naming all the stars by name. In my opinion, “Diamond Sleeve” was designed on the principle of the “Herring Under a Fur Coat” salad. Therefore, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, many seemingly immortal Soviet films disappeared from the screens and from the public’s memory, but Leonid Gaidai’s universe is primarily due to its depth and multilayeredness – visual images, music and, most importantly, texts, subtexts and subtexts .

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the “Song About Rabbits”, which Yuri Nikulin performed in a heavily drunken state, waving the plaster cast in the Weeping Willow restaurant? This is just a hymn to our national character: “But we don’t care, but we don’t care, we will be braver, more valiant than a lion! Let us resist at least once in the most terrible hour, all calamities will come our way”—foreigners will never understand the meaning of this magnificent work, you must agree. Just like the immortal: “Either the aristocrats or the corrupt drink champagne in the morning” or the short but to the point: “Get out of here, son!”

It’s a mystery to me how they were able to come up with all this, all this light, joyful, seething and sparkling life and realize their plans without a single false note – people who went through the Great Patriotic War, representatives of that generation of winners who have seen everyone in their lives – Gaidai, Nikulin, Papanov, Kostyukovsky, Slobodskoy (the latter two are co-writers of the script for “The Diamond Arm”). They managed to avoid pathos and moralizing, which was unusual in Soviet cinema, but of course they had every right to do so. It is impossible to understand it, and therefore it is impossible to repeat it – in this case, a copy will in no case come close to the original.

55 years is a reasonable age; It would be naive to say that the film was loved by a whole generation of Russians: for young people, the difficult life of the Gorbunkov family with an iron bed and a minimalist kitchen is already an exotic and spoiled twin. taxi drivers-cops are just some kind of aliens. Of course, there are eternal values, such as a scene in a restaurant or a song about rabbits.

The phenomenon of the “Diamond Hand” lies in the fact that, in addition to its artistic avant-gardism, our cultural codes also seem to be encrypted in this tape. Thanks to him, even those who have not watched the movie know Semyon Semyonich, “Chief, everything is lost!” They are not surprised by your words. In a way, it functions as a password and a reminder. If you see understanding in a person’s eyes – that’s it, there is contact, if you do not see – it means you need to choose your words and be more careful – your receptors work on different waves.

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