Some fences are higher than others

Believe me, I can’t get out of my amazement. Or maybe yes. And I mean the aesthetic height that accompanies members of the government @sanchezcastejon (Long ago I lowered the ethical and moral level: the first day they occupied ministerial chairs). 25, 30, 38, 40… How many immigrants died trying to jump over the fence that separates Morocco from Melilla, Spain? Given the ethical and moral levels of government members, perhaps we will never know for sure. @sanchezcastejon (I ignored the aesthetic a long time ago: the first day they occupied the ministerial chairs) and the aesthetics of the rulers who reigned on the other side of the fence. From this aspect, Morocco, which has known the degree of democratic quality of its regime, the respect and notorious use of human rights customary there, blackmailing people for its own interests, nothing can do this. The truth of what happened and 25, 30, 38, 40… about those responsible for the death can be expected. On this side of the fence, from the moral height of the Moncloa’s façade, Pedro Sánchez has just a few words to refresh his memory. shrapnel Republican on the Gandesa front). Attention Spaniards, this is the Head of Government speaking! “For me personally, having saved 630 lives People make me think it’s worth going into politics.”our hero was talking about Aquarius and it was June 2018. But don’t go, there’s the other fence.

25, 30, 38, 40… immigrants were killed while trying to jump over fences in June 2022. Attention Spaniards, this is the Head of Government speaking! error “International mafias carrying out violent attacks”. The Head of Government described Morocco’s action as follows: “well resolved”, and thanks again to the work of the Moroccan Gendarmerie. From June 2018 to June 2022 the fence got higher; Ethically and aesthetically, the height of the fence is lowering. Despite everything, El País said the Administration “regrets” the deaths, but refrains from criticizing Morocco and has not made it clear whether it will support an international investigation into the matter. And some overwhelming images “well resolved” Pedro from the friendly Moroccan Gendarme appears at his home in SER for the nuances of meticulousness… death. Like I said at the beginning, don’t you two think you should be surprised? That’s right, it depends on the height of the fence.

It would be appropriate to give a brief recap of what happened—perhaps a decision—and United We Can’s behavior. In fact, they can do anything, but when in doubt, we can all better defend our seats, privileges, salaries, counselors, counselors, gigantic weddings, chalets, and nannies. Together we can slow this annoying thing down tick tock tick tock it starts to ring relentlessly in our ears. So they promised the wicked PP’s Job Reform Act would be totally demolished, and in the end, after the fire of arrogance and theatrical fraud, only a few semicolons were replaced. As far as NATO is concerned, neither at the start nor at the exit, although we together shout no to military alliances, no to arms deliveries to Ukraine, no to building warships for anti-democratic countries. Like Saudi Arabia, we, Kichi, remained silent while defending corvette production for Saudi Arabia in the face of the dilemma between “making weapons and eating”, “between bread and defending peace”, and the cynical “if we don’t”. build the ships, others will”; and Echenique herself spoke of the “impossible dilemma between making weapons and eating food”; and Pablo Iglesias said, “I understand that Kichi prioritizes workers’ contracts.” For a greater representation of the flexibility of principles (let’s say visibility) which is cheesy), his partner Pedro Sánchez, without consulting anyone, secretly delivers the Sahara to Morocco, a fundamental issue that United We Can cannot give up and now cannot swallow.

There are 25, 30, 38, 40… dead migrants trying to jump over the fence. Yes, together we can ask Pedro for clarification; ask for a minute of silence; to want the great Marlaska to appear; ask, ask, ask. Wouldn’t it be much more hygienic to get up from the sofa and slam the door of the damaged dignity? Wouldn’t it be more consistent to leave Sánchez, who said? “well resolved” and now he’s always talking about the immigrant mafia in denial; does not overturn the Job Reform Act; that he continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia; dissolution with NATO partners; Why gave the Sahara to Morocco -through Pegasus- without our knowing; What drives Spain inflation above 10%? Or will it be true that everything is worse than Moncloa’s comfort, refuge of power, and splendor? Can’t we unite anymore? It was pathetic this week to see superpower minister Irene Montero attend the press conference where she was asked repeatedly about the Melilla issue. That’s where empowerment ends, that’s where fraternity dies. As if she were a protected woman, United We Can’s Montero kept a thick and embarrassing silence at the heteropatriarchal rebukes from spokesperson Isabel Rodriguez, meekly guarded by the person who said it. “well resolved”. Now that it’s clear what United We is made of, we can conquer the sky. It wasn’t actually that high; They content themselves with sitting in comfortable armchairs, air-conditioned chauffeured cars, chalets with guest compartments, rooftop barbecues, gossip magazine weddings, friends with plugs, and responsibility. This was the sky they wanted to storm, not the fenced one. “well resolved”. For more.

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