white or black

Young people’s new way of thinking. Black or white, if you don’t have my ideals, it will be the other way around. Black or white, goodbye to grayscale. Black or white, the new phase of Spanish politics. The argumentative speech strategy in Congress today is rhetoric. The purpose of any party is clear: always leave the opposition down. We were taught that we should vote, only that the country will develop based on the participation of citizens in government life. But what is left when it is the same family that can create factions within a family? The midpoint is gone. Even though we don’t belong to the same party or ideology, we forgot that there are some issues that we can agree on. This policy is based on cooperation. The role of the opposition is fundamental and undeniable, but understanding and cooperation are essential. Black or white, everything that politics in our country degenerates and in turn needs to be rearranged by new generations.

Source: Informacion


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