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Let’s get to the subject. “The Kitchen Brigade” is a recently released French movie. It has a social load, but it doesn’t give you the afternoon, but rather hard material, wrapped in a friendly tone. The director is characterized by bringing the most stable aspects of the world around us onto the screen, giving them a salty sea touch. The bulk of the plans are immersed inside a reception center for unaccompanied foreign minors and project how to obtain the formula with tools, with professionals who do not overlook the rigor necessary to ensure complex adaptation and bet on expertise, an efficient way out is possible, among other spices. Finally, the telephone number of an association that acts as a link between trainers and employers with a need for recruiting is provided. More than five thousand searches were made in the neighboring country. Another advantage of going to the room is that it would be difficult to share it with someone from Vox. So that they don’t go and mark them.

To coincide with the cinematographic story, unlike those still hanging around, it turns out that one of the 17-year-olds in Aquarius found its place in a flagship bakery, a bakery, through an NGO. Minus the craftsman, he learned from scratch because he didn’t even speak the language enough to ask for tomatoes when he entered, and he was carrying cucumbers with him. But Ousman knew that after leaving The Gambia on his feet, he was facing the opportunity of a lifetime, and everything he didn’t understand, he learned by looking at the path of the boss, who was armed with patience and defined him as a great worker who today defines him as an inspiration to many. confidence stretched the dough over and over. And he wasted no time as he was already found. Married.

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