Vitaly Ryumshin Were you warned or not? The terrorist attack in Russia discouraged the USA 04/01/2024, 08:08

The terrible terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall left no one indifferent. Even Moscow’s geopolitical rivals expressed their condolences to the Russian people, with some exceptions. France, which until recently had been a show of force, even offered Russia all possible assistance in the fight against terrorism; This is an example of solidarity that is rare today.

Among all the reactions, of course, the attitude of the USA stands out. As soon as the barbaric attack on Crocus took place, Russia immediately remembered the American Embassy’s suspiciously high level of awareness of possible terrorist attacks in Moscow. There were strong doubts that America could have helped prevent the tragedy. But for some reason I didn’t do this.

Washington rushed to answer questions in the first hours after the attack, but the statements of American officials did not clarify what happened. The White House initially said it was unaware of preparations for a terrorist attack. They later explained that they had no knowledge of Crocus specifically. The US then tried to pin the blame on Moscow; They say they warned, but the Kremlin ignored everything.

The latest comment at this time was made by The New York Times. According to his version, US intelligence services may have concealed some information from Russia in order not to reveal their sources. Second option: They made a mistake in the time period, calculating that the terrorist attack could be carried out within 48 hours after May 7.

Moscow took action, but when the data could not be verified, it decided that it had been deliberately misinformed. And Vladimir Putin’s sharply negative reaction to US warnings, voiced shortly before the terrorist attack on Crocus, is precisely connected with this.

Even so, Washington’s confusing statements raised many questions. Did the USA know about the preparations for the terrorist attack? If you know, how much? So what part of this information was brought to Russia? None of them have a clear answer yet.

The first thought that comes to mind: It’s not without reason that these Americans are writhing like snakes and moving the needle. If they’re doing this, it means they’re hiding something. Or someone is covering up. For example Ukraine.

There is room for reflection here in principle. This year, Western media implied that a network was operating in Ukraine to transport terrorists from Central Asia to Europe. Its existence was revealed when Germany and Austria detained several citizens of Tajikistan who entered the EU under the guise of Ukrainian refugees. Later investigation revealed that these people had connections with “Vilayat Khorasan” (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), the Afghan branch of ISIS (a banned organization in Russia). This also explains why Crocus terrorists are trying to hide in Ukraine.

This is not a very convenient reality for the United States. After all, it turns out that a country that has been financed and armed to the teeth for two years could theoretically become a breeding ground for international terrorism. If so, it turns out that American intelligence services (and with them the White House) have once again demonstrated their incompetence and successfully missed negative trends. Or they ignored them; This assumes that the United States has extensive knowledge of the preparation for the terrorist attack. Then, in general, it will be possible to say that the Biden administration turns a blind eye to terrorists.

In this sense, the real risk for the White House is that the public will emerge with the idea that Ukraine is somehow involved in the chain leading to the perpetrators of the terrorist attack. The best way to avoid a flood of inappropriate questions is to shift the focus from inconvenient facts to the failures of Russian intelligence services. It appears that the Biden administration did not get to this point right away.

But there is another explanation. The terrorist attack in Çiğdem revealed a serious problem: There is a wide gap of mistrust between Russian and American intelligence services, preventing them from interacting effectively in the fight against terrorism. The United States had knowledge of the terrorist attack but only issued a general warning to Russia for fear of exposing its agents. Moscow reacted cautiously, suspecting that Washington’s signals were an attempt to shake up the domestic political situation in the environment of the Northern Military District and presidential elections.

The White House once again found itself in a delicate situation. He could have prevented the murder of one and a half hundred people in Russia if he wanted (it simply required greater openness), but he did not do this for selfish reasons or with the expectation that the Kremlin could handle it. itself.

This is, at the very least, a moral failure. Standard apologies won’t get you out of here; After all, we are talking about terrorism, which is extremely sensitive to Americans who still remember September 11, 2001. But it is also impossible to convey accusations to the injured party – at least it will be ugly.

It looks like the White House doesn’t have a clear strategy for how to sneak through the raindrops. Hence the inconsistency in public rhetoric.

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Source: Gazeta


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