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Mónica Oltra, vice-president of the Valencian Community, turned from hysterical laughter to resignation tears within days when she was accused of covering up her ex-husband’s sexual abuse of a minor. Then, in a grotesque attempt to flee forward, he showed his intention not to resign in defense of democracy, claiming it was a campaign by the judges and the far right to put an end to it. The enthusiasm that arose in Valencia with its supporters came hours before the electoral disaster of the left in Andalusia; it was a harbinger of his world collapsing, as it was democracy that rejected him in elections that had been benign over the years until Sunday. But Oltra continues to insist that the bad guys always win in this country, despite her partner’s claims to cover up their heinous practices. The good ones, as he certainly thought, were meant, as he put it, to “defend the vulnerable.” For example, Teresa, the adolescent victim of disgrace she tries to hide to protect the candid bastard who visits her in her bed to masturbate.

Oltra and Colau are part of the photo, along with Fatima Hamed Hossain, Más Madrid leader and spokesperson for the Dignity and Citizenship Movement, to promote the platform where Yolanda Díaz aims to “win Spain” through a supposedly regenerative political process. Ceuta, who found in the veil an element that honors women. 40 percent of the group was charged from Oltra and Colau. The mayor of Barcelona has had to appear before a judge half a dozen times to respond to complaints of embezzlement. Renew what? I am wondering. I don’t understand what they are thinking of selling at this point. Or if it’s all about thinking that the species of the stupid type is still inexhaustible and, without further ado, buy it.

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