I read a tough headline from yesterday: “Sánchez corrects and announces a new reduction in electricity VAT from 10% to 5% to stop electoral wear and tear.”

Anyone who dared to make such a biased headline in a story could have written the opposite: “Sánchez is increasing electoral attrition by refusing to review the VAT on electricity.” So, whatever Sánchez does, it will be reprehensible as his intentions are always heretical. This form of journalism in which a political actor is criminalized a priori and criticism continues no matter what he does is called sectarianism in the West. Autocrats disguise the technique by ensuring that this informing method fulfills a positive pedagogical task.

After making this disastrous observation, perhaps it would be appropriate to enlighten those who were surprised with evidence: Democracy is so smart that it breeds healthy competition between options through pluralism. And this competition provides a benefit for citizens. For in the example given above it is clear that Pedro Sánchez reduced his wear and tear through his clever procedure of helping those who do less favorably; this is an unquestionable goal that must be accepted in good faith. In other words, if politicians do their job well, act fairly, and share the concerns of civil society, they score in electoral terms. And only a fool can say that the activity is selfish, arrogant, or sinful if he cannot prove it.

Source: Informacion


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