Zinaida Lobanova How USSR nostalgia turned into parasitism 02.24.2024, 08:10

It was proposed to return the Soviet pioneer tie to school uniforms. A document containing such an idea was sent to the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov by the chairman of the Association of Manufacturers of Children’s Products, Works and Services, Mikhail Vetrov. True, as Vetrov noted, this is “an analogue of the leading lace, which will become an integral part of the uniform.” According to the initiator, the issue of returning the uniform has not yet been resolved, but it is possible to start with a draw.

In modern terms, many Soviet features had such good PR and marketing campaigns that they still excite minds. Moreover, the younger generation of TikTok knows these things and often they do not even understand what kind of country the USSR was and how it “collapsed”. But these tiktokers know the vineyards, the pioneers and the pioneer camps very well; from their parents, from the movies, it doesn’t matter where they are. It’s floating somewhere in the air.

One might not like school, lessons, duty and cleaning work, but everyone dreamed of going camping, singing songs by the fire and fulfilling the most cherished wishes, looking at the flying sparks. You don’t have to have the heart to forget something like this.

But recently it turned out that the “analogues” of everything Soviet are copies of the lowest quality. And at some point, nostalgia turned into parasitism for some reason.

remakes of Soviet films (unsuccessful); attempts to re-establish the pioneer organization; attempts to impose a tax on childlessness; conversations and partial bans on abortion. At this rate, soon the idea of ​​publishing news about who is divorcing whom will appear in city newspapers (this was the practice). By the way, you can also fine those who initiated the divorce – this also happened.

Attempting to repair an old frock coat in a new way is already quite tiring. Both because it is completely ineptly done and because there is almost zero meaning in it.

Meanwhile, we have long learned to live in a new way. We have lots of great things!

This week the Games of the Future opened in Kazan. This is the world’s first physical competition. A new word in sports and the digital industry in general. And we found this!

We have the best digital online services for banking, ordering food, paying for housing and communal services. And this was done by Russian experts. And none of them suggested printing more paper passbooks, on the contrary, they turned everything digital and simplified life.

Recently, using the example of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, we showed that we are very good at PR technologies and that Europe and America can learn from us.

After all, our defense industry produces the latest equipment and no one proposes to put the Maxim machine gun back into production.

Still, it’s weird to pull something out of mothballs when there’s so much new stuff out there. And I really want to leave the past in the past. With nostalgia. Pioneer bonfires. And the socialist rivalries of the planned economy.

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Source: Gazeta


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