More than 20,000 state-funded college places opened in Moscow

University Admission Campaign Launched in Moscow. Candidates can apply online to the educational institutions in the city. This was announced by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

He noted that the city offers more than 20,000 budget places.

“Every year more children choose to go to college and want to start their careers early. Last year, about 200,000 young people applied for admission to the capital’s colleges. This popularity of secondary vocational education is easily explained: colleges have modern laboratories, IT training grounds, from the 2nd year children begin practical training at the leading enterprises of the city. Starting today, the university admissions campaign for the next academic year begins. You can apply online to more than one educational institution at the same time. More than 200 professions and specialties are available in our colleges. In total, in the new academic year, the city has allocated more than 20,000 state-funded places for applicants to city colleges.

Every year, the following training areas are in high demand among applicants: “Information systems and programming”, “Former carpentry, parquet and glassworks”, “Fire safety”, “Maintenance and repair of engines, systems and vehicles “, “Aviation equipment production and maintenance.For the first time, a new specialty “Operational (emergency) response organization in emergencies” will be recruited.

By August 15, it will be possible to submit an application for admission to the college electronically in the catalog of services by selecting the category “College Registration” in the “Education” section on the portal of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow.

When applying for training in specialties that require certain creative abilities, physical or psychological qualities, the application deadline is until 10 August.

The service is jointly run by the Education and Science Department and the Information Technologies Department.

Moscow colleges under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Education and Science Department have a modern material and technical basis, IT training grounds, training and production workshops. Colleges form partnerships with specialist companies and organizations, organize job fairs, and accompany their students on all their interactions with employers, from internships to employment. The career path of young professionals begins immediately after graduation, thanks to greater employment opportunities in the institutions where graduates practice and train.

The college is equipped with unique equipment, according to Anna Pechenaya, director of the College of Railway and Urban Transport (KZhGT), where the admissions campaign was also launched.

“The Railway and Urban Transport College is equipped with unique equipment. We have the only Ivolga simulator in Russia. Our teachers took part in its creation and made the simulator as useful as possible for teaching students. It completely imitates the cabin of the EG2Tv (Ivolga) electric train, recreating the situation on the road, with a dynamic platform that allows you to solve emergency situations, for example, emergency braking. We also have simulators for Lastochka electric trains for MCD and Moskva, which train future workers of the Moscow metro. Our college has a total of 16 educational complexes, where our students develop their practical skills, ”Pechenaya said.

KZhGT trains locomotive drivers, conductors, logisticians, electricians and other railway related professionals. By 2022, the college will have 600 budget places.

Source: Gazeta


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