Compromis closes Monica Oltra’s crisis with Aitana Mas

It wasn’t easy to do, and it wasn’t easy to do quickly either. Compromise was supposed to close the open crisis with Oltra’s departure and to do so as soon as possible. The Aitana Mas option is structured, at least in the eyes of the coalition families, as a temporary remedy that does not close the door to something unlikely they believe (in public) alone, that Oltra can return. I have always thought that the temporary is most likely to be certain, and that when this maxim is followed, it usually does not result in any problems. Just the opposite. The visibility that Consell’s new Crevillentine vice president will have will be extreme. For better and for worse. Those who know him closely and approve of his short political career believe that his massive projection and that this media saturation will allow it to “explode” as they say in sports jargon. But replacing Oltra will be difficult. There was always fighting in the big squares. Putting together the solution to this crisis (remember), Compromís, who was released six days ago, seems like six months has passed, he will not forget that it must be Ximo when he has finished stitching up his wounds. Puig speeding up your resolution. Just because he’s playing his role as Consell president doesn’t mean Botànic’s main partner will forgive him for this insult. Probably Puig and his entourage too. Coalition leaders said yesterday that they knew their base could not break away from them, but demanded that they put more pressure on PSPV as “satisfaction”. Yesterday he talked about the possible balkanization of Compromís. It’s not something that can be completely ruled out. It is true, however, that they show signs of being able to let their inner problems linger in the background when survival is at stake. You don’t learn something this important every day. We will tell in our newspaper tomorrow that Oltra’s march has left very interesting situations, such as the fact that three of the four Compromís members in Consell are from Alicante. Now all that’s left is for it to start showing itself.

And one more thing:

The data shows that we are facing a record occupation of some bonfires: in a city with 10,000 hotel beds, it is said that it is very difficult to find a single vacant room. Far behind these data are the data corresponding to tourist apartments. In the context of this very strong demand, it should be understood that the supply of services is trying to make money.. Hotels increased by up to 40%, as the increase in costs also affected materials and services. Almost 10% restaurants. So, to give three frequent examples of what can be put between the chest and back in these bonfires, don’t be surprised if the ribeye costs around 70 Euros, a portion of cheese almost 10 and a portion of oysters almost 20 Euros.

Here are our highlights:

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