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I mean Bono Guarner Street. The entrance to the San Blas neighborhood for many, which surrounds the gate facing the train tracks. For example, for residents of the city’s busiest building, known as ‘La Colmena’, with over 1,500 residents.

Well, the sidewalk leading to the beach with rails, which is an obligatory step for thousands of citizens every day, is very narrow and lacks a basic detail: there is not the slightest shadow, which makes it a real sauna in good times. part of the year.

The dreaded walled streets of Juan Ortega, Gaspar Tato and Carlota PasarĂ³n lead there. To say that the scenery is ugly would be an understatement. Bono Guarner street, which starts from Salamanca street next to the AVE station, displays a gloomy appearance.

When they come face to face on the sidewalk at any moment, the mother or father with a stroller, the elderly with a walker, or the passengers with suitcases cannot fit in. Because the parking lot covers the road. Needless to say, the neighbors were very fed up with the situation and brought the relevant complaints to the City Council. In such a sad situation, it makes no sense to keep a road as centralized as Bono Guarner.

The solutions would be very simple. Widening the sidewalk and some trees that give some shade will suffice. There are lots of cars and no minimal urbanism and respect for pedestrians. The decades when this street was in such a deplorable state speaks very badly of one of Alicante’s gates.

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