Riot on the farm

The current week takes shape maskleta. It started last Sunday night after Andalusia’s election results were announced. A selection result that leaves a few keys behind.

The socialist party loses one of the major electoral strongholds it has always had. The social changes and corruption problems that PSOE has experienced in Andalusia created a very important reliability and trust problem. Last week we saw Zapatero proud of all socialist rule in this autonomous community. Strategic mistake. You can’t be that bad. We also have the Lastra case. It’s a burden right now for a socialist to send Adriana Lastra to a rally. The number of nonsense he dictates per minute is too much. The legislative assembly that ended in Andalusia passed calmly and uneventfully, despite a government agreement without an outright majority. Juanma Moreno consolidated the political project in Andalusia.

On the other hand, the Andalusian elections also had a national connotation, like all regional elections, except for the ordinary period (when they overlap with local elections). Pedro Sánchez is creating more and more social rejection. First of all, after spending the night in La Moncloa, Sánchez is already another victim of La Moncloa syndrome. His advisers will flatter when they see what they see, which impresses anyone who criticizes him at the slightest. But the reality of the street is different. The crisis is already brutal. Any politician who is not aware of the economic situation of families and SMEs is stuck in the bubble and lost the trace of the truth. This is no longer fixed by patches of 20 cents per liter of diesel and a reduction of VAT to 5% on electricity. Everyone sees how expensive it is to buy a week, how much it costs to fill up the diesel tank than a year ago, or how much you pay for electricity or gas. In addition, while our SMEs, self-employed and social contributions are increasing, the State continues to collect taxes. The People’s Party’s strong point is precisely economic management, and perhaps Pedro Sánchez did not realize that his days were numbered, enjoying the bed he requested four years ago as his first government decision (Pedro Sánchez sic).

In the territorial area, the courtyard is also a turmoil, or rather, very turbulent. Silence in Consell members’ WhatsApp group. Monica left the band.

Monica Oltra’s resignation was normal. You have to know how to quit politics and Oltra did not take up this task. She attacked everything and everyone, questioning even her jurisdiction. If the prosecution and subsequently the Supreme Court itself found evidence of a crime, the work of these professionals cannot be questioned. Mónica Oltra fell victim to the same drug she had prescribed for several positions in the People’s Party, and at her own words. At Compromís they were also aware of the situation, but did not say anything publicly or did not want to clash with boss Oltra.

Ximo Puig, who has stated several times that he does not like assemblies, signed a major consensus last Saturday. It was as if they had won the Champions League. But out of immorality. Puig has already said that he is not here for the parties and is willing to terminate the business due to the unsustainable situation. But in the end, Compromis took down its leader. Let’s see what the dozens of public officials Compromís has at the Generalitat and other organizations will do if the Botanical signed at Santa Bárbara Castle breaks down. Right now we have a government where the only thing that unites them is to collect payrolls at the end of the month. It is very cold outside right now, despite the summer heat and finding it.

But now Puig also needs to know about the problem affecting him. When Oltra falls, what will Puig do if he becomes involved in the case where his own brother justifies public funds spending by hiring his own son? And are you reconciling? Riot on the farm.

Source: Informacion

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