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Those who follow this column regularly know very well that I have no right to talk about current politics. I have colleagues who do more and better than me, and most of all, they love it more. I prefer to talk about the ‘little’ daily politics, the grandfather without an ATM, the woman who lost her home, why we chose one over the other and how it conditions our lives. The choice, however small it may seem, is the environment we live in. I love gestures and people who break plans, beliefs, words without deception, break the silence and whispers of the wicked with their opinions, put accents where they belong, on freedom and equality.

And it all comes down to the story of Rosa Olucha, a well-known television director and journalist and screenwriter, with a lot of work behind her. Recording her husband having sex with another woman is fatal, not because it’s another woman, but because ‘consensual and private’ intimate relationships are something to be respected in the 21st century. Her partner is actor Santi Millán, whom someone recorded in the middle of a sexual act and spread the footage without her consent. Neither his nor the woman he was with. Olucha wanted to make it clear that she was not unfaithful, far from the role of a woman who was victimized, humiliated and crushed -again- by an unfaithful husband, that her relationship was her job, that she knew, was accepted and accepted. Oh miracle, this can and is being done in the century we live in.

The thing is, I recently saw the series ‘Intimacy’, a perfect reflection on the crime of recording and posting videos of private content and the horrific, sometimes deadly consequences it entails. There is a moment in the story (and forgive me for giving you some spoilers) during the series where one of the victims’ husband refuses to go out to protect her from the abuse she suffered. He was subjected to not wanting to appear as the husband of the burnt horn, although it was immediately recorded that each was a ‘toward life on his own’ agreement. For this reason, women have to cope with the social slaughter done to them alone.

This scene came to my mind yesterday and I couldn’t help but think about how the script of the show and the lives of many people in general would change by spreading a sacred part of the show every time a woman’s privacy is violated on social networks or whatsapp. personal life, a friend, a husband, a boyfriend, a colleague, would rise up and shout “no, this isn’t” and “everybody’s life is “everybody’s life, live freely”. and deserves respect. But it still has a cost. In a recent article, pedagogue Mónica Ojeda wrote that “both boys and girls submit their own erotic-sexual content. But the results are different. If there is consent, if the results are different (brutal to them, applause for them), imagine the horror, loneliness, and helplessness you feel when consent is absent. Thanks, Rose.

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