Nit de Sant Joan, a great night of love

Les Festes ens please, ens delecten. And if they are to rest, not to work, to say: welcome; and if they’re going to have fun, they’ll have fun: they’ll love it. After two years of the pandemic, I’ve been mooning with the desire to regain lost temperatures. Festa will be new and will be shaped by an atmosphere of satisfaction and Gaudi shares the potential of common references that unite or unite citizens. Above all, the harmony of taste and community ensures that all això sorgeix and s are nourished by design, emotion and collective participation. Hell, the Festival allows the individual to realize and feel that they are an integral part of a larger group, large community or family, united by similar mechanisms or d’identitat that they repeat periodically. ritualization of the act in which it is evident: a festa is an espai (street or ornate square), a temps (begins with the tok of bells or dolçaina or koet…), a ritual (dance) that enacts the feeling, validity, and permanence of the group , parade, procession…). Tot creates a plegat feeling or an affected feeling. My defense, actually, is Festa. Visquem-la.

Too much strength and social muscle, s’erigeix ​​alone, in spontaneous, objective appetites. Sorgeixen temptacions d’instrumentalitzar-ho, transform-ho and transform-ho all serve specific interests. Political interest, first; It’s like the maskletades debate it sparked between the mayor’s office in Plaça dels Estels and the Generalitat, or as we traditionally have something old: the mayor, the bishops or priests, the regidors, the army, the Civil Guard. . ., tots and darere at the forefront of the process or Festa, how not!, gentlemen, citizens, payers and contributors… Amb, they convey anachronistic and antidemocratic values, as if life is pure stratification and hierarchy of one over the other.

Now it turns out that Festa, Fogueres, was on the verge of 6-15-22, after the director of this newspaper, Mr. Tomàs Mayoral: “Rich Fiesta, poor Bonfires. The current model of Bonfires is suffering from such a severe economic crisis that it could lead to fewer dedicated monuments next year, no more than five or six, and even the disappearance of many bonfires that are now in dangerous condition. “Gentlemen and gentlemen, we know that there is something in the economy that has diu “externalities” in the economy, other than the real and direct producer or consumer, which are the costs or benefits produced here outside the firefighter or the Fire Commission. all, quan els beneficis (250 million per a la ciutat) per one molts més: els taxis que fan de carreres, els bars and restaurants del barrio, les botigues, els producers llunyans de cervesa, aigua…, etc., Fogueres haurien to pay for or contribute to the cost and maintenance of . And the question is: how is it arranged?…

But we must force ourselves to these and consider, for example, that the first bany Per Sant Joan, Postiguet, especially if the beach is far from stone, is faced with the fact that we cannot be at the party and play mateix temp; Here in Alacant, according to això, when firefighters and police are deceived by the direction of the water spout of the hose and the direction of the crowd, man will invent the entire “Banyà”. Bany de Sant Joan salutes tot l’any.

I escaped into the day, fins i tot mòbils discs in casals or barraques, interacting with a maid to the prom, if not, if not, as if it were a revamped version of allò de semper, Estels de Sant Joan, feu-nos trobar a bon galant this mateix any. Joan preaching I què direm dels esmorzarets or sopars de festes, doncs Fes com sant Joan, dejuni i s’atipava de bona carn. Mireu such as semper s’ha dit, Per Pasqua, la mona; According to Corpus, murtra; According to Sant Joan, it’s coca. And if it’s with Tonyina, all the better!

Be, we know that the main proverb is not a lie, and it refers to what we say. Tanmateix, the quedem-nos that come out of our Festa there, here comes from the heart: sincerity, sincerity of everyone and everyone.

Source: Informacion

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