Vitaly Ryumshin Was Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson a success? 02/12/2024, 12:06

It happened: Vladimir Putin spoke with Tucker Carlson. For a while, this speech overshadowed all other news. The Russians followed Carlson’s every move in Moscow, forgetting about internal and external problems. This is understandable; It’s not every day that a rock star of world journalism comes to us. This rarely happened before, but in our time this is a completely unique situation.

Of course, there were those who viewed what was happening with apparent indifference. They say the Americans have come for us too. It was as if people had seen an exotic animal. However, I do not want to underestimate the importance of Tucker’s trip to Russia, because this trip also aroused great interest in the West. Otherwise, White House spokesman John Kirby would not comment on the interview; he would even urge Americans not to believe anything said there.

Did the interview meet your expectations? Yes and no. Let’s be honest: we did not expect feelings from him from the very beginning. Vladimir Putin is unlikely to say anything he hasn’t said before. And the speech was aimed at the general American public, who hardly know the intricacies of Russian reality. This was clear from Tucker’s statement.

Here our assumptions are fully confirmed. For such a highly publicized event, the interview turned out to be too stingy with details. During the speech, Tucker abandoned his usual journalistic intensity and did not particularly resist when Putin set the tone of the conversation. As a result, he could not extract from the president new information about the conflict in Ukraine or relations between Russia and the United States that would bring new colors to the known picture of the world.

However, this does not mean that the conversation is unsuccessful. Yes, instead of chatting about current issues, a detailed excursion into Russian history was made. Yes, since the time of the Pechenegs, Russians have become accustomed to the president’s hour-long history lectures and have not heard anything new. But for Tucker, this approach was new; This was noticeable from the journalist’s surprised facial expressions, which were sometimes overlooked in the interview. Even audiences in the United States were interested in the historic tour.

Against the backdrop of Joe Biden’s hilarious press conference, which started around the same time as the interview, Putin’s speech looked advantageous. The US President desperately tried to prove to journalists that he had a good memory, but in just 12 minutes he managed to screw things up by confusing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with the Mexican leader and the democratic “blue” states with the Mexican leader. the “green” ones. This was in stark contrast to the way Putin demonstrated his vast knowledge of history to Western audiences from memory. Perhaps this contrast worked to the advantage of the Russian President. But it’s not exactly like that.

One way or another, the president’s words appear to have struck a chord in conservative America. Is the dollar bad because of sanctions? Bad. Why is the USA sending troops to Ukraine? There’s no need. Should the United States deal with its own problems, such as the national debt, first? It’s definitely worth it. Is there a “deep state” in the USA? There is someone behind Biden. Is religion important? Important. Is Elon Musk handsome? Handsome.

All of these messages are well known to every Republican in the United States. Since Putin thinks the same thing, that means he belongs. We have personally witnessed dialogues in which conservatives wrote: “Damn, Putin is right.” And his opponents answered: “If he is right, then go to your Russia.” Well, isn’t this a success?

But that’s not even the most important thing Putin said. The president showed the West that Moscow was ready for peace negotiations. The important thing is that Ukraine lifts the legal ban on them, and the United States is the first to step forward and figure out how to turn back the minced meat. The reaction of Biden and other Western leaders was negative, as expected. However, it will now be more difficult for them to prove to the world that Moscow is avoiding dialogue.

So Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson achieved its intended purpose. The president was given the opportunity to convey his point of view to Western public opinion. Putin duly took advantage of this: he forced himself to listen and appeared before everyone as a smart and balanced leader. The image is similar to the caricatured “Dr. It turned out to be far from the “Evil” image. Judging by the reactions on social networks, we can safely say that part of the American public, including Tucker himself, warmly welcomed this Putin.

In general, the experiment with Tucker Carlson was successful. For the past two years, the US and the EU have voluntarily isolated themselves from any channel of information coming from Russia. The West has massively banned nearly all Russian media and, in absentia, branded any mention of the Russian leadership as “disinformation.” Now the carefully constructed wall has cracked.

Perhaps this will encourage the Kremlin to be more open to communication with the foreign press in the future. If so, then we will finally have hope of breaking the information blockade.

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