Zinaida Lobanova How to become rich but not work 02/11/2024, 15:14

Every Thursday, a separate price tag appears at a nearby cafe: cinnamon money coffee. We have already experienced different drinks: citrus rack, vanilla, chocolate, even pumpkin! Now here’s the money coffee. By the way, the price of cash coffee is no different from an ordinary cappuccino. The issue is different here.

Cash Thursday coffee is the new thing. Like any real sign, this one is very simple. You should drink coffee with cinnamon on Thursdays, then you will make money. All. You can also mentally say: the more cinnamon in coffee, the more money will come to me. And after that go to work. Yes! This is also the surest sign. But people don’t want to talk about work, they want something simpler.

Conspiracies, signs, sequence of actions. And lo and behold, social networks are full of various advice from cash flow coaches and “fundraising experts”.

“Every time you put on your shoes, say these words: “I put on my right foot, I pave the way for money.” “I put my left foot down and transfer the money to my account.” You see how simple it is! It’s strange that our ancestors didn’t use this before and it worked like crazy for 18 hours. Against this background, Blinovskaya’s money marathons look like some kind of intellectual product.

Or another piece of advice: “You should dissolve two tablespoons of salt in a glass, mix it and say: “I dissolve what is high, what is low and what is far.” Leave the mug next to the bed overnight and pour it in the morning!

All the tips are taken from social networks, I can’t say how and by whom they use it, but people actively discuss it, share other advice and write on which side to sleep on which day to buy an apartment.

Yes, we are the children of that generation who filled water in front of the television and even bought Chumak’s photographs. (Allan Chumak gained fame in the USSR during perestroika thanks to his “television improvement” sessions. – socialbites.ca)To apply to the sore spot. At that time, everyone wanted health, and self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful levers in the struggle for health. Subsequently, all these superstitions were repeatedly ridiculed and condemned to oblivion. And here it is again – in a different form.

Superstitions about money have existed for as long as money itself has existed. Show money to the new moon, hang red panties from the chandelier, wear green panties to work. Just write such a request on the Internet – and then you will receive recommendations on what to do and how to do it for another month. Here the question is different – where is the stop line and where is the stop time. At what point do we think we’ve crossed the line?

I know a girl who built a country house and reserved a room there for gnomes. And these are not just words. The ceiling of this room is 1.5 m high, and maybe this is normal for a basement (but why would it be?), but this is a full-fledged room with low ceilings on the second floor. I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s probably all acceptable as long as it’s not dangerous to others. But on the other hand, the confidence that it is enough to drink coffee with cinnamon or stir salt is also not dangerous, but without the phrase: “And then work! work!” – not effective.

It is misleading to think that our parents filled the water and lo and behold, everyone is healthy. No, not everyone is healthy. You can look at statistics that show how often children do not call an ambulance because they only give them “charged water” or see oncologists late because they believe in healers on television. If we apply tracing paper to today (and people, as we know, do not change), then everything will be the same, only instead of communicating with HR or going to work, the person will stir the salt.

It seems to me that the problem is not that people are prone to superstition, but that they don’t want to do anything else about it. They limit their desire for prosperity and health only by superstition. And you don’t need to be any Vanga here. I will tell you this. This doesn’t work. We’ll have to do something else.

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