Dmitry Samoilov Why modern children cannot attend one circle for a long time 02/09/2024, 08:00

Recently I talked with an intelligent person and heard this interesting idea: Modern children do not know how to study. It would seem that there is several times more information than, for example, thirty years ago, but it turns out that it is precisely this incredible volume of information and the intensity of its transmission directly to the brain that destroys the systemic learning process. . A child who is not good at math is bound to ask a misleading question: If I have a calculator, how and why will it help me in life? Adults have found an equally difficult answer to this: the fact is that with the systematic and orderly assimilation of large volumes of information, neural connections are established and strengthened. And they can only form in childhood. So trigonometry itself may never be useful, but the ability to absorb the knowledge in life generated by its study is absolutely essential.

Is it a clear argument? It seems yes, but he cannot convince the child. Because neural connections are something distant and invisible, and a math problem is something urgent and very unpleasant. And I want to quickly turn it into something else – clear and, better yet, cheerful.

Pay attention to how kids consume content; These are not videos that will last hours, let alone thick books. These are 15-second videos that change at incredible speed. What can be learned in this mode, what can be extracted from this flow?

This also implies the increasing rhythm of a child’s life – if the choice is so great, what to get carried away seriously and for a long time? In my daughter’s class, everyone definitely does something extra, everyone does something different. Someone goes to aikido for a few months, then moves to the swimming pool, then to the drawing studio, after a year and a half he leaves the music school without gaining any basic skills, but wastes his time and parents. ‘. After all, you need to take the child everywhere, and if you do not carry him yourself, then pay a nanny, which means working one and a half times harder to afford him.

My friends’ child, in principle, cannot concentrate on anything – he picks up a book, immediately throws it, immediately grabs another, throws that too, runs to his mother, immediately runs from his mother, climbs on the window sill, knocks down a flower, throws the slipper against the wall, pulls a lamp out of the wall. It is clear that all this is not very good, but you, my friend, would have done something for at least an hour. Even if you unscrew a lamp from the wall, this will of course be a destructive activity, but at least it will be clear exactly what will be expected from you in the next 60 minutes.

Does this diversity of activities and activities indicate a comprehensive development? Tough. This rather indicates that there are no development prospects. Everything was covered, but nothing was reviewed to an acceptable degree.

And in all this, modern man spins around, trying not to be late anywhere, because you don’t need to be worse than others. And it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain this rhythm; It’s as if the world deliberately puts up barriers.

Let’s say renovations started at a music school, naturally they didn’t have time for it during the summer. So did the kids have extra holidays? No, they received distance education. Imagine choir lessons through a computer – for some the headphones don’t work, for others the Internet is slow, for others you can’t hear them at all. But ideally this should be a well-coordinated singing choir that can also go to competitions and perform. However, children have been studying online for six months. Moreover, this is not easier for parents – yes, there is no need to take their child to music school, but they need to rebuild their normal life so that lessons are held at home – silence, control, time. All this requires energy.

Then my daughter wanted to go to drama school. I ask: Where else would you like to go to art and music schools? He says no, I want this and that’s it. And now, already exhausted from the working week, the father walks through the Saturday morning snowstorm in Moscow on dirty roads towards the theater where the studio is located. And it’s closed. It turns out that it was the artistic director’s anniversary the day before and therefore all classes were canceled. It’s nothing. There are other departments, clubs, studios. We will go there too. You need to get everything done, you need it to be no worse than others, you need to have time to consume as much scattered information as possible. Perhaps the same neural connections will form this way.

Of course I doubt it. All that’s left is to try.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the position of the editors.

What are you thinking?

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