Russian joker card

Now it turns out that Russia Vladimir Putin He is behind the recent mass demonstrations in the USA in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza. Why didn’t we think of this?

This was stated by the former president of the US Congress, Democrat. Nancy PelosiAs we all know, he has as much credibility among his co-religionists as the President on these and other issues. Joe Biden.

Thousands of dozens of young people, mostly Jews, demonstrating at US universities and hundreds of thousands of Americans of all ages are taking to the streets because they are sickened by this massacre.

No, Russia is behind most of this, Pelosi claims, adding that “make no mistake, many of these protesters are linked to the Kremlin,” and advocating for a ceasefire like them is exactly “the message Putin wants to send” to be heard. “Just like in Ukraine.”

The Democrat seems unimpressed by the fact that recent polls in his country show a clear majority in favor of an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Pelosi is a stalwart of the Jewish State, like many other Republican or Democratic lawmakers whose election campaigns have lavished oil on the Israel lobby or the arms industry or both.

Thus, as the journalist recalls Norman Solomon Pelosi, who was recently re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2019, made the remarks without hesitation at a forum sponsored by the American Israel Council, the internet portal Counterpunch reported.

“He stated that if this Capitol collapses, what remains will always be our commitment to help, and indeed our cooperation with Israel. That is the foundation of who we are.”

Or as then-Vice President Biden put it on the occasion of the annual celebration of Israel’s independence in 2015: “If Israel didn’t exist, America would have to invent it, because this is about defending your interests the same way we defend ours.”

There are those who suspect that Pelosi’s completely unwarranted accusations against Russia may stem from an attempt to blame a foreign power for Biden’s apparent decline in popularity in all polls.

Russia is a wild card that can be used for anything: to explain Russia’s unexpected victory. donald trump The so-called “Russia Gate” against Biden in 2016 has been completely discredited, as did the Catalan independence bid, as a Spanish judge put it years later. As an Italian would say: “Se non è vero è ben trovato”.

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