stubborn retirees

They are few. They barely meet ten or twelve people every Monday at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Alicante. They are located under the railings, in a corner that protects themselves from the harsh sun. If it weren’t for the speakers they use, they would be almost unnoticed. Last June 13, St. Anthony’s Day, it was a song by Serrat that made me notice them when I tried to cross the square as the sun was setting.

I saw them in the background, on one side of the Audiencia. Its banner calls for ‘Good Retirement’. I told them as I do every time I come across them. They were barely twelve years old. Quite a paradox in a city full of old people and indeed a retiree’s paradise, and in a city that has had and continues to have a reputation as a special place to spend the third and fourth years.

In Bilbao, which does not have a much larger population than Alicante, while several thousand retirees have gathered in Plaza del Teatro Arriaga every week for several years, the flame continues to burn here, symbolically, I can say thanks to these ten people. have dedicated themselves to raising the decibels of the announcement system to compensate for their throats.

This Monday, June 20, with the Official Bonfire erected, they occupied the area. But from the next year, as for the rest of the year, they will once again be placed in a shaded corner of the square. Amongst the indifference of the majority who do not understand why they are making noise or complaining.

I will never understand why Alicante has always been such a demobilized city. For any reason. The consequences of this discharge are clear.

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